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What is a QLED?

Recently, Samsung has announced their new TV technology using QLEDs to counter the OLED TVs that LG and others have put on the market. QLED stands for Quantum dot LED, and though Samsung has been using the concept of quantum dots in its TVs for quite some years now, they claim they will be bringing out several flavors of the QLED technology. According to Samsung, QLEDs are transmissive, as LCDs are, and light goes through several layers to create an image on the surface of the screen. The company Read more [...]

iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy S3 – it’s not what you think

No, this is not a comparison of the two smartphones features and benefits like the screen size or processor speed. It's something way more sinister. 🙂 We've always been fans of the Blend Tec videos where they destroy items to see if their blender can chop the items into dust. When their blender is done with them, there is not a recognizable component left in the machine. Here's the latest one we ran across where they compared the iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S3. Can you imagine that they Read more [...]

Samsung & Toshiba to introduce their iPad killers

Look for new tablets to come from Samsung and Toshiba in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2010. Interestingly enough both the Samsung tablet and the Toshiba tablet will be running on Android software (sorry, Microsoft!). Both Samsung and Toshiba are itching to capitalize on the portable tablet market that Apple created this year with the introduction of the iPad. Apple, which has sold over 3,000,000 iPads since this spring will keep the tablet crown for now as there are so many applications and components Read more [...]