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Diamondoids Make Three Atoms Wide Wires

At the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory of the Department of Energy, and the Stanford University, scientists have discovered a new method of using diamondoids. These extremely tiny bits of diamonds, these diamondoids can be used to assemble atoms into the thinnest possible electrical wires—only three atoms wide. The diamondoids do this by grabbing different types of atoms and bringing them together as is done in LEGO units. The scientists are of the opinion this new technique has the potential Read more [...]

The Energy Efficient RRAMs

Engineers at Stanford are making 3-D memory chips that can offer faster and more energy efficient solutions for computer memory. These are the Resistive random Access Memory or RRAMs, which are based on a new semiconductor material. It stores data based on temperature and voltage. However, the actual workings of RRAMs continued to be a mystery until a team at Stanford used a new tool for their investigations. They found the optimal temperature range to be lower than they had expected. This could Read more [...]