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Use a K-Type Thermocouple with the Raspberry Pi

Whether you are working in a lab, at home, in the office or in the field, occasionally one needs to have the capability to measure the temperature of different sorts of materials such as solids, liquids and chemicals. The temperature range involved may be small or large - its measurement usually requires the use of a thermocouple. This is not very easy to interface, as you need a sensor amplifier that has to measure a very small voltage generated by the thermocouple. In general, type-K thermocouples Read more [...]

Versatile Chip to Convert Temperature to Bits Directly

One of the most fundamental aspects of our lives is temperature. As yet, measuring temperature accurately is difficult. Galileo was possibly the first person to have invented a thermometer that could measure changes in temperature. Two hundred years after Galileo, Seebeck discovered the principle of thermocouples – a device that generates a tiny voltage related to temperature gradients in dissimilar metals. Today, we use many elements such as semiconductor elements and temperature dependent resistive Read more [...]