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Interfacing the Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer to the Raspberry Pi

Tilt is a wireless hydrometer and thermometer combination suitable for home brewers that allow instant readout of the specific gravity of your brew. You can see the specific gravity readings on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Furthermore, Tilt can talk to your single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi).

Tilt will talk to most devices sporting the Bluetooth 4.0+ interface. Once you have the data in your device, you can optionally save the data automatically into a cloud using Tilt’s free Google Sheets template. You can also save the data using other third party cloud platforms as well.

For helping home brewers make better beer, the Tilt hydrometer allows automatic checking of its specific gravity and temperature even while it is fermenting. Simply dip the Tilt hydrometer in the beer within your fermenter and leave it inside. Without having to open your fermenter again, you can receive the data on its present status, and this makes brewing simply more consistent and easy to track.

Tilt has a powerful transmitter, allowing it to send data wirelessly even through large thick-walled fermenter. Therefore, you get a better range and reception. With its sensitive sensors such as the improved temperature sensor and accelerometer, you get precise readings. Power consumption is low, which means Tilt does not consume much battery power while operating.

Operating the Tilt could not be simpler, as each unit comes calibrated and a pre-installed battery, ready to go—you only need to download the free app. Now sanitize your Tilt and drop it in your fermenter. You will automatically receive data on your device.

If you have different batches of fermenting beer, use multiple Tilt Hydrometers. You can differentiate those using separate colors for each batch. The app does not read multiple hydrometers of the same color. The Tilt has a range of 0.990 to 1.120, and gives an accuracy of ±0.002. The thermometer has an accuracy of ±0.5°C (±1°F).

If you have an RBPi with a Wi-Fi dongle and Bluetooth 4.0+ or BLE, you can use the Tilt Pi to log your Tilt readings. Tilt Pi is an SD card image, which you can download from the Tilt webpage and use to boot up your RBPi3 or RBPiZW. After downloading the image, simply write it to an 8GB or higher SD card.

On the SD card, Tilt has included a SETUP.html file that helps with the Wi-Fi and cloud logging setup. This file guides you in creating the configuration files that allow connecting to your local Wi-Fi network. You will also receive an email giving a link to your cloud data log. Another link will also point to your Tilt Pi dashboard, from where you can change settings, calibration, and view the data on your local network.

The Tilt Hydrometer does not include the RBPi, so you will have to buy one. The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology included in the Tilt Hydrometer offers reliable cloud and local data logging. The setup is streamlined, so as soon as the RBPi boots up with the Tilt Pi SD card, the system begins logging data.