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What is USB Type-C Interface?

All new electronic devices are now coming with the USB-C interface, and this is revolutionizing the way people charge the devices. So far, most electronic devices had the micro-USB type-B connectors. With the USB Type-C connector, it is immaterial what orientation you use for the charging cable—the non-polarized connector goes in either the right side up or upside down. The connecting system is smart enough to figure out the polarity as a part of the negotiation process, and supports bidirectional Read more [...]

What is the MHL Specification?

A present, we are inundated with a plethora of digital devices. For example, we have set-top boxes or STBs, Blu-ray players, AVRs, automobile information systems, monitors, TVs, tablets, smartphones and others making up this large and diverse ecosystem. For getting all these to plug-and-play together is no mean feat and the latest standard connector that manufacturers are adopting for compatibility is the USB Type-C. The protocol that the USB Type-C will be using for the delivery of audio, video, Read more [...]

What is Buck-Boost Charging?

With Apple unveiling their new MacBook on April 10, 2015, they also opened up a new era in power management for computing devices. The USB-C port in the new MacBook features a true all-in-one port. It is capable of delivering power and bi-directional data at the same time. The technology eliminates a separate charging port, as it integrates the charging functions into the USB-C port. Intel has released their 6th generation processors, and very soon, a new generation of ultrabook computers, 2-in-1s, Read more [...]