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Connect with a New Type of Li-Fi

Many of us are stuck with slow Wi-Fi, and eagerly waiting for light-based communications to be commercialized, as Li-Fi promises to be more than 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi connections we use today. As advertised so far, most Li-Fi systems depend on the LED bulb to transmit data using visible light. However, this implies limitations on the technology being applied to systems working outside the lab. Therefore, researchers are now using a different type of Li-Fi using infrared light instead. Read more [...]

Wi-Fi or Li-Fi, What Should You Choose?

Although difficult to believe, but Wi-Fi is running out of steam, or more technically speaking, running out of spectrum. With almost all devices connected with Wi-Fi, our consumption of ever-increasing amounts of information is actually pushing the capacity of Wi-Fi to handle data, to its limits. Presently, we use radio waves for transmitting information using Wi-Fi, but this method has its limits and it can only transfer so much at a time. According to the latest estimates, by 2019, we will Read more [...]

How do Airplanes Offer Onboard Wi-Fi?

Not long ago, air travel meant you had to switch off your phone and other electronic devices carried. Even for long-distance air travel, people had to put up with in-flight magazines and movies for entertainment. Fortunately, changes have been made - with more to come. Today, people value connectivity more than ever. Passengers admiring aerial views prefer tweeting about their experiences and follow up with pictures – not content with merely complaining about the food to their neighbors. Airlines Read more [...]