Viewing experience redefined for industrial LED displays

LED displays have been on the rise as the latest method for promoting business in all fields. Primeview, US, has taken a big step in this direction through their ECO LINE LED displays. The most interesting part of this development is that it has brought about improvement in a number of features apart from providing all round viewing of 24×7 without a break. ECO LINE LED offers seamless viewing with a 55” super-narrow gap video wall display, with only 3.6 mm thickness from bezel to bezel. This is the slimmest LED display in the world and it is ecofriendly as well.

This display is known as the PRV55SNG indoor LED and it is an industrial display working all 24 hours round the clock and all through the year. The display has a 55” panel and sports the thinnest bezel with the left and top sides measuring 2.35mm and the right and bottom sides measuring 1.25mm in thickness. For realizing such a slim-sized bezel and simultaneously retaining the eco friendliness, the display design is such that it has very few components. The designers have reduced the heat load and at the same time, I/O connectivity access to the board has been improved.

The newly designed PRV55SNG indoor LED display has a number of features. Apart from offering a 500nit brightness panel, the 3.6mm bezel is seamless. It has AC power daisy chaining option and it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. HDCP compliance is realized with the use of splitters though the PRV main board. The resolution is 1920×1080 FHD. The power consumption is greatly reduced due to the ecofriendly LED backlight. Primeview provides a reliable industrial metal enclosure. Optional HDBASET Rx + embedded Tx are also available for specific clients. This new LED display is being offered with the company’s 3-year warranty not only for the parts but also for the labor.

This product is available for use in almost all areas of business activities, but it can be said to be of more use in Healthcare, Industrial, Broadcast, Hospitality, Digital Signage, Retail business, Higher Education, Corporate, Gaming, and control rooms and many more. The highlight of the display is that it is Eco friendly, scalable and all those who view it will have a new and unbelievable experience. This is significant for the customers as support from Primeview is available for 3 years, which is unheard of in the industry.

This new display panel is being offered for public viewing in the month of April 2014 at the NAB broadcast show being held in Las Vegas. The company has also informed that all those prospective clients interested in private viewing, will have to contact them in advance either over phone or through the company’s website for the necessary arrangements. Significantly, this new development will be of importance as an LED displays in years to come and will be the prime tool for a number of display solutions. Primeval has taken the lead in this respect.