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Bridge Rectifiers

A bridge rectifier is an array of semiconductor diodes configured as a bridge that acts to change AC (alternating current) to full-wave pulsating DC (direct current). It is used in many electronic devices including laptop computers, cellular phones and PDA's. Depending on how you're viewing the electronic component, the four diodes form a square or diamond pattern. In a single-phase bridge rectifier, there are four diodes; in a 3 phase bridge rectifier, there are six diodes.

When AC current is connected across one diagonal, DC current is available across the other diagonal. The four diodes allow full-wave rectification without the need for a center-tap on the transformer.

The diode bridge circuit is also commonly referred to as a Graetz circuit after it's inventor, Leo Graetz, a German physicist.

0.8A 800mA 600V Bridge Rectifier B250C800

Our Price: $0.35

1A 1 Amp 400V Bridge Rectifier DF04M 4 Pin DIP

Our Price: $0.50

1A 1 Amp 600V Bridge Rectifier Single Phase WL06M

Our Price: $0.40

1A 600V SMT Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier DF06SA-E3/27 Vishay

Our Price: $0.60

1.2A 1.2 Amp 100V Bridge Rectifiers 1KAB10E

Our Price: $0.70

1.5A 1.5 Amp 100V Bridge Rectifier W01-404

Our Price: $0.31

1.5A 100V Single Phase Bridge Rectifier General Instruments W01G

Our Price: $0.50

1.5A 400V SMT Bridge Rectifier DF04S Fairchild

Our Price: $0.50

1.5A 600V Single Phase Bridge Rectifier General Instruments W06G

Our Price: $0.50

1.5A 1000V 4 Pin Dip Bridge Rectifier DF10M

Our Price: $0.35

1.7A 800V Miniature Bridge Rectifier SKB208 SKB2-08L5A

Our Price: $2.75

2A 400V Bridge Rectifier BR84DTP204 Cross KBP04M

Our Price: $0.35

2A 600V Bridge Rectifier Silicon 3N257

Our Price: $0.55

2A 1000V Bridge Rectifier Single Phase 2KBP10M

Our Price: $0.50

2A 1000V Bridge Rectifier Taitron BR810D TP210

Our Price: $0.25

3A 3 Amp 200V Bridge Rectifier Diode GBPC102

Our Price: $0.90

3.0A 800V Bridge Rectifier Single Phase KBPC108 Micro Electronics

Our Price: $1.60

4A 4 Amp 50V Bridge Rectifier Fairchild GBU4A

Our Price: $0.75

4A 4Amp 100V Bridge Rectifier KBU4B

Our Price: $1.10

4A 200V Bridge Rectifier Single Phase KBU4D

Our Price: $0.90

4A 200V 4 Pin Bridge Rectifier Single-Phase GBL02

Our Price: $0.55

4A 400V Bridge Rectifier Diodes Inc RS404L

Our Price: $0.55

4A 1000V Bridge Rectifier TL410 Cross KBL10

Our Price: $0.42

6A 6 Amp 600V Bridge Rectifier GBPC606 Silicon

Our Price: $2.00

10A 10 Amp 1000V 1KV Bridge Rectifier TB1010G

Our Price: $2.60

10A 100V Bridge Rectifier Diode Micosemi MB101

Our Price: $1.00

15A 200V Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier TCI GBPC1502

Our Price: $2.50

25A 110V Single Phase Bridge Rectifier MCC MB251D

Our Price: $2.50

25A 400V Silicone Bridge Rectifiers Edal Industries B682-40

Our Price: $2.50

25A 1000V Single Phase Bridge Rectifier General Instruments MP2510W

Our Price: $2.80

25A 25 Amp 1000V Bridge Rectifier GBPC2510

Our Price: $2.80

35A 1600V Bridge Rectifier 36MT160

Our Price: $15.89

35A 200V Bridge Rectifier General Semiconductor GBPC3502W

Our Price: $3.25

35A 35 Amp 50V Bridge Rectifier GBPC35005

Our Price: $3.15

35A 35 Amp 600V Bridge Rectifier GBPC3506 Single Phase

Our Price: $3.35

35A 50V Single Phase Bridge Rectifier International Rectifier

Our Price: $6.25

50A 50 Amp 1000V Bridge Rectifier GBPC5010 Single Phase

Our Price: $3.90

50A 50 Amp 1000V Bridge Rectifier KBPC5010 Vertical Mount

Our Price: $4.35

50A 50 Amp 100V Bridge Rectifier GBPC5001

Our Price: $3.25

50A 50 Amp 200V Bridge Rectifier GBPC5002

Our Price: $3.30

50A 50 Amp 400V Bridge Rectifier GBPC5004

Our Price: $3.30

50A 50 Amp 600V Bridge Rectifiers GBPC5006

Our Price: $3.35

8A 600V Single Phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier TCI BR86

Our Price: $1.00