This 10 Watt blasting gun has intense illumination

The LED light application has now covered almost the entire gamut of all human activity. Larsen Electronics recently announced the launch of 10W LED blasting gun light designed to produce intense illumination up to 860 Lumens. The major highlight of this product is that it is IP-66 watertight, which gives it the capability to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty environmental applications. Larson Electronics has christened the product as BLG-LEDP1X10W blasting gun light and it is extremely durable in media blasting applications. This LED light can be mounted on any standard blasting gun stand with utmost ease for immediate use.

The mounting system is specifically designed to be easily setup and used on the barrel of any standard blasting gun. The system comes with the hardware needed for the mounting along with its protective lens cover. It can be easily removed or replaced, even when wearing gloves. This product is helpful in blasting environments such as sand, baking soda or coal slag. The lens may wear out in due course of time as it is exposed to blasting, but is easily replaceable. A slot provided at the bottom of the lens allows cleaning of particles when the lens is changed. The LED mounted on the blasting gun system can last for a considerable length of time.

With a 120-277V AC encapsulated transformer and 100-ft cable attached to it, the LED light operates on 24V DC. The step-down transformer converts 120-277V AC to 24V DC and provides the power needed for this LED light unit. It produces light of high intensity, about 860 Lumens. The light beam covers 600 feet and the manufacturer is assuring a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Meeting the IP66 watertight standards, the LED gun light is not only for heavy-duty applications, but also for aggressive use in the difficult terrains of atmospheric variations. Unlike other blasting gun lights, BLG-LEDP1X10W blasting gun light by Larson Electronics is lightweight but at the same time produces an intense light, which is brighter and produces more intense illumination when compared to the incandescent lights.

The gun lamp consumes only 10-Watts and the overall dimension of the unit is 3×3.8×4-inches, with IP 66 ingress protection and spot/flood light configuration. This LED light unit is mounted on the clamp on top of the blasting gun. The protective lens is made of quick-change polycarbonate. This unit comes without the blasting gun mount as the mount is to be procured separately.

BLG-LEDP1X10W from Larsen Electronics is seen as a new dimension to the illumination designed with the users in mind. It gives not only a viable lighting technology, but also durability in very rough and abusive work areas. It is durable while at the same time it generates an intense light of 860 Lumens. It is to be noted that this unit will replace all the instances where incandescent lamps were being used so far. With more innovations expected, LED lighting technology is all set to take over totally in all locations on a global basis.