Newly launched APT Power Transducers measure three phase current & voltage

NK Technologies, the San Jose, CA based American company has introduced an APT power transducer that is able to measure three phase currents and voltages. As per the industry norms, it generates an analog signal in proportion to the watts used. The product utilizes current transformers to measure load amperage and transducers to measure the line voltage, which can read up to 600 VAC. The power transducer is a compact unit and can be used in very widely different applications in multiple places. NK Technologies has been focusing on innovations in the area of cost effective current sensing products.

The APT power transducers can be configured in multiple ways. They accept 5-Ampere secondary current transformers. Alternatively, they also accept the safer ProteCT low voltage output sensors. Irrespective of the type of current, by generating an accurate signal and helping to locate where there is excess consumption of energy, it permits reduction in demand through intervention. The users have the option of 4-20 mA, 0-5 or 0-10 VDC outputs. The APT power transducers are compatible with most of the automation systems. Significantly, the compatibility is due to the industry standard analog output.

This product has been developed with the user in mind and taking into consideration various applications. The APT power transducers are externally powered. This power transducer gives improved reliability in places where there are significant variations in voltage and current, where the power sags, as well as where there are fluctuations in voltage, which is very common,. This helps in adopting cost effective measures used overall in time and energy so that there is stability in the system. The APT power transducers are designed to meet these conditions. NK Technologies have introduced this transducer after extensive testing in their factory and after field trials with varying conditions of current and voltage.

The APT power transducers are easy to install whatever the location. This is because of its compact DIN mounted housing. The terminals in the transducers are clearly labeled, which enables easy and quick installation. The design is such that the cabinet depth is reduced significantly and it makes a low profile. The terminals are made safe for the person handling the transducer; the terminals are considered finger friendly. Effectively, it means that the connectors are safe and secure. World-renowned agencies such as the UL, CE and CUL, which everyone considers as rigorous and stiff in quality certification, have approved the APT power transducers.

With wide-ranging and need-based features and top class quality, the APT power transducers command worldwide acceptance. The company is at the forefront of Agency listings, Certifications and International Registrations for its manufacturing facility. This process has paved the way for innovation and customer requirements. The company offers warranty for all its products and along with it, a customer support considered the best in the industry. APT power transducers are all set to give the customer a new tool that is effective in terms of both cost and operational efficiency.