Designing Intelligent Lighting Systems with Constant Current LED Drivers

Sunpower LLP of UK has launched 25W constant current LED Drivers that facilitate designing of low wattage project style lighting and intelligent LED lighting control systems. The company has added the driver christened LCM-25 to its existing LCM series of constant current LED drivers for 60W and 40W. Apart from maintaining its output at a constant current while meeting the LED needs, the driver can be set up at varying levels ranging from 350mA to over an Ampere with the help of a built-in DIP switch. The LCM-25 driver has been designed with a two-in-one dimming operation. It can be dimmed by a PWM control input or by 0-10VDC.

This new product comes with a host of features. The digital LCM-25DA has a push button dimming function and a DALI interface. The operating range is 180-277 VAC input. EN61000-3-2 Class C (> 50% load) sets the harmonic current limitation. Between the line and neutral, there is 2kV surge-immunity, which meets the needs of the heavy industry. The latest state-of-the-art circuit design ensures a maximum efficiency of 86%, while at the same time, cooling is by simple air convection when operating at ambient temperatures of -30°C to +60°C. No-load power consumption is less than 0.5W.

The main feature of the LCM-25 is its inbuilt PFC operation. The driver is protected against over-temperature and / or short-circuits. In either case, after constant current limiting or over-temperature protection, recovery is automatic after the fault is resolved. The driver is housed in a fully insulated plastic case. This class II power unit is designed conforming to IP 20 and without FG. Each unit can synchronize up to a maximum of 10 units. The ripple current is ±5.0% and the no-load voltage 59V.

The LCM series is housed in a totally insulated rectangular plastic case of low profile, which is rated for IP20. It is offered to the customer with several unique facilities. The first is that it is very easy to install as compared to current products of industry standard, which is to have the outputs at the rear and the inputs at the front. LCM series has been designed with the outputs and inputs on the same side. That ensures installation work remains simple and smooth, while making efficient use of the limited space while wiring. The LCM series is covered under a number of International safety regulation certifications such as the CSA C22.2 and UL-8750.

Sunpower Technology LLP is the UK wing of the Taiwanese manufacturer, taking care of all its power supply needs. The company conforms to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and its factories are certified under ISO certifications 14001 and 9001. Sunpower has been striving for improvements on a continuous basis with the aim of providing customer satisfaction. Even customers buying low volumes are provided technical support and affordable price. The latest LED driver, the LCM-25 has enabled designing low wattage intelligent LED lighting systems. With a global reach, the product is sure to capture a significant share of the market.