ISO 7000 compliant Fully Illuminated Push Button Switches

The Vista-based company APEM, Inc., from California, has developed a new series of fully illuminated push button switches that meet the ISO 7000 standards in all respects. These are the FP30 series pushbuttons. These are being offered to users in both threaded bush mounting form and snap-in type. Even though the size is rather large, they are very light. For snap in types, the panel thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 2.5mm and the threaded type support 1mm to 9mm panels. The unique feature of the FP30 series push buttons is that they are illuminated. They are offered in smooth, glossy finish. The users have the choice of many bezel colors and with differently colored actuators.

The FP 30 series push buttons have the option of being pad printed or even laser etched with more than 100 symbols. The ISO 7000 standards allow the use of graphical symbols on the equipment and FP 30 series complies with this. They are available in seven LED colors meeting the user’s needs and offered in 48V, 24V and 12V ranges. Choice of momentary or latching is available for both threaded bush type and snap-in type along with the option of single pole or double. The push button can be used for 400,000 mechanical operations or 1 million electrical operations when operated at 200mA at 12VDC.

Although the new FP 30 series push buttons are illuminated, non-illuminated push buttons in the FP30 series are also available. The standard packing has 20 pieces. The color options vary marginally for bezel, LED and actuator. For example, you can select a bright chrome bezel with an orange option for the actuator. The case material used is nylon grade PA46, while for the actuator it is PA12 with gloss finish. The bezel is gloss finish ABS, while the bushings and the contacts may be in code 2 silver for 4A 12VDC, code 4 silver or gold plated for 200mA 12VDC. The operating temperature is between -40ºF and +167ºF or -40ºC and +75ºC. Lug terminals are open to soldering.

The new FP 30 series push buttons have a very wide range of applications. They have been designed to make an impact in various industries such as security, industrial automation, defense, medical, instrumentation, apart from being considered ideal for dashboards in the automotive, passenger and commercial vehicle segments. Customer specific requirement of symbols and marking color is also considered on receipt of a specific request and attended to expeditiously.

The company APEM started its operation in the year 1952, manufacturing industrial switches. Over the years, it has grown multifold in a very rapid manner to reach out globally and is now one among the leading manufacturers of man machine interfaces. With a presence in 11 countries and with global distribution network and agents, the company has 67% of its total turnover as exports. APEM designs for professional switches and manufactures them to cater to diversified markets including, medical, industrial automation, defense, communications, instrumentation and transport. The latest launch of the FP30 series of push buttons complying with ISO 7000 standards is another milestone for the company and is expected to make a significant impact in the market.