High density card edge connectors

Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc., a San Marcos company from CA, has recently been including the FMBx series in their offerings. That has expanded their range of high-density 0.050-inch contact center card edge connectors. The company makes multiple versions of these connectors for various users. The new versions that are now available feature ultra-thin low profile and include high temperature devices that accommodate thicknesses of 0.093, 0.062 and 0.031 inches. At the same time, these versions support operating temperatures in the range of -65°C to +200°C. The low profile, ultra-thin interconnection are unique as their profile is only 0.488 inches.

The company is also offering 1.00mm versions that function within the same operating temperature range and these are ideally suited for ODMS and OEMs. The company, with its efficiency in manufacturing, is offering flexibility in design offering the customer maximum benefit. They make the connectors with an array of terminations, which includes surface mounting types, through-hole types, right angle or card extender types and types with staggered dip solder options. With the new product release, along with flexibility in design, the company is able to meet the diverse needs of the customer.

Sullins provide important features for their high-density card edge connectors along with several variations. For example, the 0.050-inch connectors, with operating temperatures of 200°C, are available with a low profile of 0.488 inches. In cases where there is a higher demand for thermal applications, profiles of 0.039 inch and 0.050 inch with operating temperatures of 125°C and 150°C are being offered. Based on the type of mating board and material selected, the reliability can be as high as 500 to 5,000 cycles. Options are available for card guides and molded key slots. Similarly, users have a choice in selecting the type of material, mounting styles and type of termination. In the market, the 0.050-inch connector is the only one rated at 3A.

Applications for these connectors are extremely diverse and widespread. The major areas among them are Radio Communications and Aircraft electronic Controls. They are also used in peripherals and computing equipment. You can see these connectors in Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Burn in Ovens, Test Equipment, Casino Gaming Devices, Process Control Equipment, Industry Machinery, Medical Devices, and so on in a multitude of devices. The high-density card edge connectors cater to all these applications because of their flexibility in design combined with the company’s manufacturing efficiencies.

Sullins Connector Solutions started their operations in 1971 modestly. However, they are now positioned as a leader developing extremely reliable cutting-edge connectors. The Sullins now cater globally to very diverse applications. The company offers free samples on fast mode with only five days lead-time for shipping the customer’s confirmed order. Customers always have the backing of their technical support with connector experts to help on any specific project. The company is now offering 100% UL, CUL, and RoHS certified edge cards. The market is definitely going to benefit from the Sullins’ high-density edge card connectors with multiple options.