LED High Bay Lighting Produces 23650 Lumens

Hubbell Lighting, the pioneer in lighting innovation, has recently launched LUNABAY. This is an LED high bay lighting for the company’s high output categories, one that maintains an optimum efficiency of 95 Lumens per watt. The LUNABAY range can generate as high as 23,650 Lumens. Three levels of lighting are available in this range: 23,650 Lumens, 18,000 Lumens and 12,300 Lumens. Another aspect is the lights offer a CRI of 68 and is tagged with Uplight components. The LED high bay lighting ranges from 130W to 260W of total the system wattage. The lighting functions in an ambient environment within a temperature range of -40°C to +40°C. The lighting has an assured life of 50,000 hours at L70.

Lighting public places require specific features. It must cover the entire area uniformly as well as it has to present a pleasant ambiance. At the same time, it must also be safe and affordable. LUNABAY from Hubbell Lighting provides efficient lighting with a low-glare light and high level of durability. The places where this LED High bay lighting could be utilized are quite vast. They include multipurpose rooms in educational institutions, retail stores, gyms, light industrial facilities and all other places where it is essential to light the interior locations in an attractive and effective manner. LUNABAY provides lighting that cannot be matched for efficiency and durability by any other product currently available in the market.

The most important aspect of LUNABAY is its low glare feature of the LED light it produces. This feature is specifically patented and it remains an exclusive domain for Hubbell. Typically, conventional downlights in large areas generate glare and create a cave-like effect. The special optical system used in LUNBAY totally removes this discrepancy. It offers smoothly and evenly distributed light, which is consistent, has a low glare and a high CRI.

Another aspect to be noted is that the two refractors, 22” crystal clear and 23” aluminum possess Uplight components of 10% and 20% respectively. The LUNABAY lighting offers five color temperatures. The chimney part at the top can have a choice of seven colors matching the interiors. Apart from custom colors, users may select colors from white, red, black, forest green, dark bronze and platinum silver. LUNBAY offers multiple options, which includes control over on/off, fusing, wire guard, no light or 50% light output – leading to additional saving of energy. In emergency, LUNABAY is also compatible with 250VA Light Gear Inverters.

Hubbell Lighting is one the leading and largest producers of lighting fixtures in the USA. Their range covers the complete category of indoor and outdoor lighting products catering to residential needs, commercial lighting, institutional requirements and industrial markets. One of the special features of Hubbell Lighting is that the company has been consistent in developing new products in lighting, resulting in energy savings while at the same time remaining affordable to customers. The LUNABAY LED High bay Lighting is their latest product and is the only one to produce up to 23,650 Lumens. This new LED lighting is sure to make a significant positive impact on the market.