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Role of LEDs in Horticulture

While LEDs have revolutionized indoor and exterior lighting methods, they have been revolutionizing operations involving indoor grow facilities. This is mainly because LEDs are highly flexible in their spectral output, while their efficiency is very high. That means they emit much lower heat. A new standard from ASABE specifies the performance of LED lighting products for horticulture applications. The standard spells out the test methods to measure the optical radiation from LEDs in the range 280-800 Read more [...]

Intelligence in LED Lighting

Apart from illuminating dark spaces there is much more to LED lighting than otherwise thought of. LEDs can be connected in an intelligent network with a low-voltage IP-based infrastructure, and they become a part of a powerful network of systems. Such a system can cooperatively collect, analyze, manage, control, and respond to specific objectives based on real-time sensor feedback. The building lit up by these LEDs now behaves as a smart building, offering better operational performance. It responds Read more [...]

Making City Streetlights Smart with DALI

Big cities are changing over to LED lights for illumination of their streets. They find this to be a smart solution in terms of cost-reduction and efficiency. STMicroelectronics is taking an important next step by adopting LEDs for street illumination. They are doing this in conjunction with smart power supplies that turn the LED street lamps into intelligent devices. For example, the streetlamps reduce their brightness as the sun rises while gradually increasing their brightness with failing daylight. Read more [...]

LED High Bay Lighting Produces 23650 Lumens

Hubbell Lighting, the pioneer in lighting innovation, has recently launched LUNABAY. This is an LED high bay lighting for the company's high output categories, one that maintains an optimum efficiency of 95 Lumens per watt. The LUNABAY range can generate as high as 23,650 Lumens. Three levels of lighting are available in this range: 23,650 Lumens, 18,000 Lumens and 12,300 Lumens. Another aspect is the lights offer a CRI of 68 and is tagged with Uplight components. The LED high bay lighting ranges Read more [...]