High-Speed Ceramic Digital Isolator

Isolated systems can communicate digitally among themselves without conducting ground loops or presenting hazardous voltages—simply by using digital isolators. A capacitive isolation barrier exists between the isolated systems. The transmitter side modulates its digital data with a high-frequency signal that allows it to transmit across the capacitive isolation. Receivers on the other side detect the signal, demodulate it to extract the digital data, and use it. Digital isolators offer thick Read more [...]

Pyroelectric Sensors

Certain crystalline substances are electrically polarized, and a change in heat causes them to change their polarization proportionally. The crystal manifests its change in polarization by temporarily generating a detectable voltage across itself. Scientists call the behavior of such crystals the Pyroelectric effect and the phenomenon as Pyroelectricity. Sensors made of such crystals are pyroelectric sensors and they are infrared sensors with a host of applications with the underlying technology Read more [...]

Coreless Magnetic Current Sensors

Modern industrial drives require accurate current measurement for effectively regulating the torque and ensuring maximization of operational efficiency levels. For achieving necessary efficiency levels along with the safety requirements, the measurement methodology must achieve a high degree of linearity and respond rapidly. This is especially true for detecting conditions such as short-circuit and over-current. For instance, it is necessary to arrest the fault condition from an over-current situation Read more [...]

Intelligent Phase Control for BLDC Motors

Many applications use BLDC or Brushless DC motors for powering several types of high-speed equipment. These include industrial machines, data center cooling fans for servers and home vacuum cleaners. One of the challenges designers face is to ensure the motors operate effectively and reliably. Now, Toshiba is making it easy for designers to do this with its intelligent phase control motor controller. While other manufacturers also offer intelligent phase control devices, they usually meet a specific Read more [...]

What is Edge Computing?

Many IT professionals spend most of their careers within the safe and controlled environments of enterprise data centers. However, managing equipment in the field is a different ball-game altogether. Pandemics such as the COVID-19 are increasingly transforming the world. The emerging ecosystem is confronting and challenging this transformation. Among this mayhem, edge computing is entering as a key transition phase, with the massive shift towards home-based work. Along with the generation of Read more [...]

Electronics for Indoor Farming

With global population growth, there is increasing concern over the sustainability of ecologically friendly farming. Farmers are now adopting innovative technologies for improving the overall efficiency of farming. Among them, the Internet of Things or IoT shows a greater promise with real-time, wireless, and remote sensing, monitoring, and control of indoor farming conditions and operations, such as humidity, moisture levels, soil pH, temperature, and lighting. Most of the functions mentioned Read more [...]

Future of LEDs

LEDs have much to offer—small size, high efficiency, and incredible versatility—no wonder they are the most popular electronic products in the market today. Their versatility allows us to use them in horticulture, as status indicator lights, and displays with high definition. Although we are so familiar with LEDs that we hardly notice them anymore, new applications keep appearing, and engineers are forever making newer breakthroughs. That is why the LED market is still growing at a stupendous Read more [...]

Improving Context Awareness in Hearables

On-ear devices, also known as hearables, are one of the fastest-growing devices in the consumer electronics market today. Although at present their role only covers hearing aids and a tool for listening, the on-ear devices have progressed to being wireless. Now there is a brand-new way for engaging this technology to the wider world around us. Qualcomm conducted a survey in 2019 and found that more than half the respondents were interested in hearables that are context-aware. One of the most Read more [...]

Sensitive Magnetic-Field Sensor Has Low Noise

Although applications for magnetic sensors cover a vast field, ranging from the gigantic magnetic resonance imaging or MRI systems to sensing tiny gear-teeth, they are one of the most overlooked or misunderstood among the modern sensors in use. Researchers are constantly on the lookout for increasingly small but more sensitive magnetic-field sensors. However, sensitivity alone is not the only qualifying parameter for such sensors—low-level transducers require to be low-noise as well. That is Read more [...]

Using Integrated Power Switches

Power switches are most commonly in demand for their simplicity in turning on and off a voltage rail or for protecting a power path. Engineers find load switches easier to use compared to discrete power MOSFETs. For complete power protection of the system, eFuses offer an integrated approach. The combination of load switches and eFuses offers more than significant PCB space savings. Compared to discrete circuits, the combination of load switches and eFuses, also known as integrated switches, offers Read more [...]