Solderless CoB LED Holders

CoB or Chip-on-board LEDs are very popular for producing high-power lights. Many connector manufacturers provide easier and faster methods for setting and mounting the CoB LEDs in lighting fixtures. One of them is the solderless LED holders, focusing on easy and fast assembly, secure attachments, and lower costs. Numerous companies are now offering solderless CoB LED holders.

An LED holder typically holds the CoB LED before mounting on the heat sink. As the operator screws the holder on to the heat sink, the holder pushes the LED on the heat sink to allow good heat transfer. The holder also allows making electrical connection to the LED. In addition, the holder provides isolated landing zones for secondary optics such as lenses and reflectors.

TE Connectivity is one of the major producers of solderless holders for CoB LEDs. Their Z50 connector from the LUMAWISE family, conforming to the Zhaga consortium specifications, is the latest. The specifications stress on the interchangeability of light-sources and simplify general LED lighting arrangements.

Assembling the Z50 takes only five easy steps:

  • Snap the CoB into the base
  • Apply thermal grease to the LED
  • Fit cables into the Z50 base
  • Screw the assembly on to the heat sink
  • Attach secondary optics

The Z50 is available in various designs compatible with LEDs from different manufacturers. These include the SOLARIQ array, Nichicon CoB, OSRAM Opto, Philips LUMEDS, and the CXA series from Cree. One can use the holder in different ways such as for stage lights, wall washers, downlights, architectural lighting, and spotlights.

Molex offers PSI or plastic-substrate interconnect suitable for LED CoB arrays. Molex has designed these holders such that users can achieve a secure connection very fast. The interconnects are customizable as they address space constraints. Lighting designs often demand low-profile harness interfaces that the PSI addresses very well. A simple connection to the holder delivers power to the array.

Ideal for area lighting and down-lighting, the PSI system from Molex is available in custom shapes including the more common rectangular and circular as well. Other low-profile receptacles and headers are also available from Molex.

Solderless LED connectors are also available from VCC, such as their CNX 460 and CNX 440 series. The receptacles are unique as they require no tools for assembly, offering an easy and quick threaded connection. It is possible to configure the CNX 440 series to make it support up to 6 leaded IR, UC, or RGB LEDs at a time. On the other hand, it is possible to use the CNX 460 for standard 10 mm LED packages or high-flux LEDs. Both series can work with LED brands from all major manufacturers. For increased brightness, VCC offers HMC 461 and CMC 441, with Fresnel ring lens style. NEMA 4 applications can use HMC 4661 and CMS 442, also from VCC.

Providing extra stability to the leads of the LED, the CNX 460 and CNX 440 series of LED connectors have unique interconnectors. VCC has designed the connectors to easily integrate them within standalone assemblies or custom cable assemblies providing wire ends stripped for PCB connection. No crimping or soldering is necessary, as the modular panel mount from VCC offers easy and superior connection and stability.