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SOUNDBOKS: Batteries to Power the Next Speakers

Your next portable speakers may be able to violate county noise ordinances without the necessity of them being plugged into a vehicle power inverter, a portable generator or even a wall socket. This is what Soundboks is claiming, and their speakers will be battery-powered.

Most portable speakers are limited in their size and their power output. Usually, if you want sizes and power capacity beyond those, it becomes necessary to power the speakers through AC adapters or wall plugs so they can output continuous power. That does not help when catering to outdoor gatherings, where truly wireless music at extreme volumes is the norm. With the battery-operated speakers from Soundboks, you can now expect 30-hours of nightclub-level decibels on a single charge.

In the market, one can find plenty of audiophile-grade boom-box sized speakers such as the Nano HiFi NH1 or the rugged JBL Xtreme suitable for supplying ample amounts of power for pool events, camping, or backyard cookouts. However, the portable speakers from Soundboks beats them hollow, as they house a pair of low-frequency drivers each of 96 dB, and a pair of high-frequency drivers, also of 96 dB SPL or sound pressure level speaker units, along with 42 W digital amplifiers.

With high-efficiency custom-designed amplifiers, Soundboks speakers enhance the life of the driving batteries while optimizing the sound for outdoor usage. They have designed the speakers for dual-phase boost function and these can belt out a maximum of 119 dB of sound. You can easily get an experience of a live concert, simply by turning up the volume dial on the speaker to position 11.

Weighing in at 14.5 Kg (32 lb.), the 66x43x32 cm (26x17x13 in) Soundboks speaker is not much different from other carry-on luggage used. The low weight is because of the wood and aluminum construction of the case and that makes it shockproof, weather proof and temperature resistant. The case has an integrated side handle that makes it easy to carry about on the beach as easily as a cooler filled with beverages and ice. Wireless and wired connectivity are offered. Bluetooth 3.0 with extended range allows you to connect wirelessly while a 3.5 mm audio input provides the wired connectivity.

The truly remarkable thing about the Soundboks speaker is its ability to play music for 30 hours at 113 dB. That easily violates the county noise ordinance and that too without any help from a vehicle power inverter, portable generator, or wall socket. Each speaker comes with two external batteries, which you can swap and that gives the capability to play for a total 60 hours continuously.
The batteries are special, as they are not the usual lithium-ion type. Rather, Soundboks uses LiFePO4 or lithium-Ferro phosphate batteries that need only three hours to charge, can meet power demands and are safe. Therefore, you only need six hours of charging time, and then enjoy a full weekend-long festival program or a complete week with the volume toned down. Shipments are scheduled to start this April, as Soundboks has already raised 174% of its Kickstarter goal in one day.