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SOUNDBOKS: Batteries to Power the Next Speakers

Your next portable speakers may be able to violate county noise ordinances without the necessity of them being plugged into a vehicle power inverter, a portable generator or even a wall socket. This is what Soundboks is claiming, and their speakers will be battery-powered. Most portable speakers are limited in their size and their power output. Usually, if you want sizes and power capacity beyond those, it becomes necessary to power the speakers through AC adapters or wall plugs so they can output Read more [...]

Technology Allows Writing in Air

Fujitsu has made what they claim to be a lightweight and compact wearable ring-type device offering handwriting functionality and capability of reading near-field communication tags. You can wear it on your index finger, and the ring has several sensors such as a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetic sensor to help with text input, apart from wireless communication functionality and an NFC tag reader. The smart ring can identify the movement the user makes with his or her fingertips as they Read more [...]

Free Your Smart Phone and Let it Fly

You may not feel very enthusiastic about Lily, the flying camera-drone that follows you around, but a PhoneDrone is bound to change your point of view. Using your smartphone as its brains, the PhoneDrone lends it wings and allows it to fly along a predetermined path. This is a perfectly logical situation as a smartphone already contains the necessary sensory and computing power that a drone needs. Most smartphones run on a powerful multicore processor along with several sensors on-board, so why Read more [...]