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What happens when you turn a computer on?

Working on a computer is so easy nowadays that we find even children handling them expertly. However, several things start to happen when we turn on the power to a computer, before it can present the nice user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) screen that we call the desktop. In a UNIX-like operating system, the computer goes through a process of booting, BIOS, Master Boot Record, Bootstrap Loading, grub, init, before reaching the operating level. Booting As soon as you switch on the Read more [...]

What are UEFI and Secure Boot?

When you first turn on the power button of a computer at the start of your day, your PC or laptop goes through a set of procedures before allowing you to log in. The first thing that happens is the reset signal generated sets the registers of the CPU to their pre-defined values. The reset vector within the CPU now points to the start address of the BIOS or Basic Input Output System. BIOS is a small firmware stored in a flash memory on the motherboard of the computer. It functions as a startup Read more [...]