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What is Multi-Point Bluetooth?

It is certainly advantageous to live a wire-free lifestyle—especially with Bluetooth connectivity. However, there is the experience of having to pair earbuds or headphones to consider. Most of the time, the pairing is difficult, takes up considerable time, and is not intuitive. Multi-point Bluetooth helps with these concerns. Using multi-point Bluetooth, it is possible to connect one pair of earbuds or headphones to multiple devices at once. It may not be necessary to execute the annoying pairing Read more [...]

Neo Smartpen N2 Connects with Bluetooth

Although computers and keyboards have taken out much of the efforts of writing, some situations still demand we keep this skill alive. Then, some people are unwilling to give up the feeling of writing with a pen to pounding on a keyboard. Engineers have tried to modernize the humble writing instrument with the Bluetooth pen of Livescribe. Now, an improved Smartpen N2 is in the market.

Neo Smartpen N2 has a sleeker design compared to that of Livescribe. According to the manufacturer, the pen has Read more [...]

Add Bluetooth to any speaker

Many of us have old unused powered speakers stashed away somewhere. Even if they were to be used, long snaking wires would have to be laid, depending on how far away they were to be placed from the amplifier. In this era of Bluetooth, we are spoiled by the ease with which we can connect – without wires. In fact, Bluetooth allows us to connect not only two phones, but also computers, mice, keyboards, tablets, headphones, fitness trackers and so many more gadgets. However, Bluetooth audio remains Read more [...]