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Combining online and offline: the future of cash registers

Hate going shopping in person but don’t want to buy everything online? Consider the future of shopping where cash registers will not just be able to ring up your purchases, but be able to tell you what other items would match the sweater you’re buying that day….including a review of your past purchases.

Love the idea or hate it, that is the future of brick and mortar checkout. Combining the online catalog with a streamlined checkout process, the goal is to help you shop smarter, better and of course, more often.

Intel has a future generation register in development right now that does all of this, plus more. In fact, it is predicted that in the future you won’t even need to bring your credit card – your cell phone will be the method of payment and receipts will be sent right to your phone. Added bonus – no more lost receipts for returns and exchanges.

Take a look at this video that shows what Intel is working on right now: