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Improving Computer Vision with Two AI Processors

Computer vision is becoming a necessity in IoT and automotive applications. Engineers are trying for the next level in computer vision with two AI processors. They hope that two AI processors will help to make computer vision not only more efficient but also more functional. One of the fastest-growing applications of artificial intelligence, computer vision is jostling for attention between prestigious fields like robotics and autonomous vehicles. In comparison to other artificial intelligence Read more [...]

Redefining computer vision

Google's Tango prototype is a handset that can map 3D spaces simply with a walkthrough. That is possible because at its heart is the Movidius Myriad 1 vision processing unit or the VPU. According to Movidius, this VPU (not to be confused with video processing unit), is about ten times faster and has very little resemblance to GPUs or graphics processing units with which we are all familiar.

The VPU actually sits between the camera and the application processor in contrast to the GPU, which resides Read more [...]