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Types of HATs suitable for the Raspberry Pi

Among several versions of the low-cost, versatile, single board computer, the credit card sized Raspberry Pi or RBPi as it is commonly called, the latest is the Model B+. Along with many new features, the RBPi Model B+ is designed to make intelligent use of expansion cards. Keeping in view of the appendage called a “hat” that many people place on their heads, the RBPi too has expansion cards known as HATs. These are Hardware Attached on Top, and they work by sitting atop the single board computer. Read more [...]

An Explorer HAT Pro for the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking for a HAT or Hardware Attatched on Top for your Raspberry Pi (RBPi) that has motor and touchscreen drivers, integrated sensors and interfaces with 5V devices, the Explorer HAT is for you. Standard add-on board HATs allow the Linux-ready SBC, the RBPi, to configure its GPIO signals and drivers to control and use external devices. Pimoroni has two models of HATs for the RBPi – the Explorer HAT and the Explorer HAT Pro. They support the HAT standard set by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Read more [...]