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The Popp-Hub Home Automation Gateway with the Raspberry Pi

Sometimes it is necessary to monitor the home remotely, such as when you are away on a vacation. For this, you need to hook up all the sensors in the home to the Internet for remote monitoring and control. To avoid the complexity of wiring, people prefer wireless devices for monitoring the sensors. As wireless devices could also be in the form of nodes, with each node monitoring multiple sensors, you need a gateway acting as a bridge for connecting many wireless nodes to the Internet. Launched Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and Energy Harvesting Wireless Devices

Do-It-Yourself home automation enthusiasts will welcome the idea of a wireless arrangement when setting up devices for automating their homes. It would be still better if these sensors and switches did not require an external power source to make them work. EnOcean Pi makes both these scenarios possible, with the tiny ubiquitous single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, acting as a home automation server. Therefore, with the EnOcean Pi, enthusiasts can set up home automation systems without Read more [...]