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Metamaterials Improve LIDAR

Light Detection and Ranging or LIDAR is a remote sensing method. The technique uses the time of flight of pulsed laser light to measure variable distances. Airborne systems record additional data, which, when combined with the data from the light pulses are able to generate three-dimensional information about the neighboring environment that offer precise surface characteristics. In general, a LIDAR comprises a laser, a scanner, and a specialized receiver for Global Positioning System or GPS. Although Read more [...]

What Active Safety Systems do Cars Use?

As cars move towards independence from drivers, and become more self-reliant, they are also becoming smarter and safer. Manufacturers are using newer systems every year for the assistance of drivers with the systems increasingly employing advanced technology and data processing. Among such advanced technology range from automatic high-bean control to pre-collision braking systems, and these are now becoming the norm in practically all kinds of cars.At present, the active safety systems manufacturers Read more [...]

LIDAR and the Raspberry Pi

For hackers and DIY enthusiasts, it is always a challenge to make correct measurements between their robots and nearby objects such as an autonomous vehicle. Estimating the distance is important for the robot to make a decision about avoiding bumping into obstacles. Although this may be considered trivial for a small robot running into a wall, it could turn out deadly for the same robot encountering an autonomous vehicle. In 2013, NASA held a competition called SRR or Sample Return Robot, where Read more [...]