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How do Sensors Measure Gear Tooth Speed and Direction?

Measuring speed of gears is an important factor in various industries, especially in pharmaceutical, tobacco, printing, woodworking, paper, textile, food and others where rotational machinery predominates. Gear speed measurements also necessary in pumps, blowers, mixers, exhaust and ventilation fans, wheel-slip measurement on autos and locomotives, flow measurement on turbine meters and many more. The most common gear tooth sensors detect a change in the magnetic field for determining the speed Read more [...]

How do you measure cable length?

Where miles of cable are involved, how do people determine where the fault lies and decide where to dig for initiating repairs? The method involves something very similar to how people determine the depth of a well, the distance of a cliff or the location of a thundercloud – by echolocation. If you know the speed of sound in air, you can find the distance of the sound source from the product of the amount of time sound is taking to travel the distance to its speed in air. For example, light travels Read more [...]

Measuring Temperature Remotely

How to Measure Temperature Remotely In hostile atmospheres like toxic zones, very high temperature areas or remote locations, where objects are not amenable to direct temperature measurements, remote measurement techniques are deployed. In such applications, remote temperature measuring techniques are resorted to, and devices used include Infrared or Laser Thermometers as described below. Infrared Thermometers or Laser Thermometers These devices sense the thermal radiation, also called Read more [...]