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How does temperature affect component life?

Change in temperature affects the speed, power and reliability of electronic components and systems. Variation of temperature affects the speed performance, because material characteristics depend on temperature. These dependencies may be normal or reversed based on the type of the semiconductor material. Additionally, these dependencies change with technology scaling, and manufacturers counteract by introducing new processing materials, using metal gates and high-K dielectrics. For example, temperature Read more [...]

Measuring Temperature Remotely

How to Measure Temperature Remotely In hostile atmospheres like toxic zones, very high temperature areas or remote locations, where objects are not amenable to direct temperature measurements, remote measurement techniques are deployed. In such applications, remote temperature measuring techniques are resorted to, and devices used include Infrared or Laser Thermometers as described below. Infrared Thermometers or Laser Thermometers These devices sense the thermal radiation, also called Read more [...]