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Measuring Very High Currents

High currents, such as 500 Amps and above, are common nowadays. Industries regularly use equipment consuming high currents, and vehicle batteries experience very high currents for a short time during starting. With vehicles increasingly trending towards their electric versions, it is becoming necessary to be able to measure high currents with precision. Increasingly, it is increasingly becoming critical to monitor current consumed accurately for ensuring performance and long-term reliability. Current Read more [...]

How do AC Current Sensors Work?

You can sense current using a series resistor and measuring the voltage drop across it. According to Ohm's law, the current through the resistor is then the voltage drop divided by the resistance value. That makes the voltage drop proportional to the value of the resistance and the current flowing through it. The disadvantage is obvious – to prevent the voltage drop from affecting the circuit parameters, one needs a very low value resistor when the current involved is high. Additionally, as the Read more [...]