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Making a PiPlateBot with the Raspberry Pi

Turtle robots of the yesteryears had always fascinated Robert Doerr and he decided to create one with the popular single board computer, the raspberry Pi or RBPi. He hid all components of the robot inside the plate case, and decided to call his robot PiPlateBot. Robert Doerr is the owner of Robot Workshop, and a dedicated robot builder. He used the Bud Pi Plate case, as this was strikingly similar to the turtle-style robots computer science students used earlier. The Pi Plate has a circular Read more [...]

Stackable Pi-Plates for the Raspberry Pi

If you are faced with a paucity of projects for your Raspberry Pi or RBPi, the tiny, credit card sized single board computer, you should get the circuit boards from Pi-Plates and connect your RBPi to the outside world. Pi-Plates offer a family of stackable, add-on boards that provide your SBC with a robust set of features at a minimal cost. Pi-Plates design their circuit boards to be economical with the GPIO pins they use from the RBPi header. For example, when using the DAQCplate board, it uses Read more [...]