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Using Raspberry Pi to Monitor the Environment

Many cities in the world are plagued with poor quality of air caused mostly by pollution form old diesel cars. This is true of Peru also, and James Puderer is using Raspberry Pis (RBPis) fitted in several taxis to monitor the air quality. James fitted the RBPis in the hollow vinyl roof sign almost all taxicabs use in Peru. James uses the RBPi along with various Adafruit technologies, such as the BME280 sensor for temperature, humidity, and pressure. He has created a retrofit setup powered by a battery Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Goes Binocular

This project uses the popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) and a spare pair of binoculars to view and take pictures. The LCD on the RBPi is touch enabled to make it easy to capture the images. To start with, you will need the appropriate Operating System for the RBPi. Download the Wheezy Raspbian OS from the Adafruit site, which will make it easy to interface the 2.8” TFT LCD with a capacitive touchscreen from Adafruit. Once download is complete, unzip the image and install Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and a Simple Robot

Using a pair of DC motors and connecting them to two wheels can be the basics of a simple robot. Once you add a single board computer to this basis structure, you can do almost whatever your like with your robot. However, making a robot do more than simply run around requires many mechanical appendages that may prove difficult to get unless you have access to a workshop or you are proficient with 3D printing. To simplify things for beginners, the robot chassis from Adafruit is a versatile kit. Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Zero Has It Simplified

The release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero or RBPi-Zero has taken the technical world by a storm. This tiny SBC has a 1GHz ARM11 System on Chip, 40 GPIO pins, micro-USB ports, a mini-HDMI port, a micro SD card slot and works with 512MB RAM. The 65x30 mm card has gone on sale with a price tag of a mere $5.00. The Broadcom BCM2836, clocked to 1GHz, runs Raspbian Linux. Not only is the RBPi-Zero 40 percent faster than the original RBPi Model B, it is also 40 smaller than the B+ model of the RBPi. Although Read more [...]

The 4DPi-24-HAT for the Raspberry Pi

Once you have a Raspberry Pi or RBPi, you need a keyboard and a monitor to communicate with it. Provided the monitor has a touchscreen, you can dispense with the keyboard. Just such a touchscreen LCD is available from 4D systems and Newark Element14. Their 4DPi-24-HAT is a 2.4-inch, resistive QVGA LCD with a resistive touchscreen and designers claim this is the first device to use the full HAT design. HATs or Hardware Added on Top boards enable the RBPi SBC to configure its GPIO signals and drivers Read more [...]

Infrared Thermopile Sensor for the Raspberry Pi

The usual process for measuring temperature is to place the probe directly touching the surface whose temperature is to be measured. That assumes the sensor is placed on the tip of the probe and must be in contact with the surface of interest. However, heat is a radiation and as infrared rays emanating from the surface carry information about how hot the surface really is, it should be possible to measure temperature remotely. Texas Instrument has designed a contact-less infrared thermopile sensor, Read more [...]

A Portable Raspberry Pi Powered display

If you have a motor to control, the RasPiRobot Board is a very good fit. Apart from controlling motors, you can also use its switch mode voltage supply to power your RBPi or Raspberry Pi using a large range of battery types. Therefore, with a pack of AA type batteries and the RasPiRobot shield, you can make a very convenient and portable RBPi powered display. To make an RBPi display that will show the current time as a scrolling text, you need to collect a few parts. These would be – the Adafruit Read more [...]

Prototyping Plate Kit for the Raspberry Pi

For new owners of the versatile inexpensive Raspberry Pi or RBPi, there is always a period of perplexity as to how they can try out an embedded computer project with the SBC. Although a breadboard helps to some extent, connecting the circuit on a breadboard to the RBPi involves many loose wires, making the experiment very cumbersome. An add-on kit, the Pi Plate from Adafruit, makes it very easy to prototype circuits for the RBPi. The Pi Plate snaps on to the RBPi and the user can easily unplug Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Lights up a 64×32 RGB LED Matrix

When you want to make a video wall such as those found on the sides of buses and bus stops in New York, you need a panel with a matrix of LEDs. These are very handy for displaying short video clips or animation. Adafruit has quite a few of them in different matrix sizes such as 8x8, 8x32, 16x24, 32x32 and 64x32. The last one is available in pitches of 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm. LEDs on the panel are placed close together in a 3 mm pitch, so that you can appreciate it from up close. With the matrix being Read more [...]