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A New Raspbian for your Raspberry Pi

Your single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi runs an operating system, or more specifically a Linux OS. Keeping true to its form, the Linux OS comes in umpteen flavors and you can choose and pick the one most suitable to your purpose. Operating Systems are built for the processor in the system, and the most popular so far are the Intel family of processors. Since SBCs generally use the ARM family of processors, a special version of the Linux OS is available for them. Of the many versions Read more [...]

Get VGA from your Raspberry Pi

Those of you who use the single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, know that it has two video outputs. It offers high definition video via the HDMI port and a composite video via the RCA port. For viewing the output of the RBPi on a VGA monitor, one must use an HDMI to VGA adapter or similar. However, there is a simpler and cheaper method now available – the Gert VGA 666. The Gert VGA 666 is a breakout/add-on board, useful only for the RBPi Model B+. The board does not work on other RBPi Read more [...]

Adding Memory to the Raspberry Pi

Although the memory onboard the Single Board Computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi is sufficient for most applications, some may feel the necessity of expanding the storage capacity. The options provided on the RBPi are limited, as the USB ports often engage a keyboard, a mouse or a game controller and the SD card slot holds only a single device. The most obvious option for expanding the storage capacity on the RBPi is through the USB ports. However, tying up ports with a USB hard disk drive or flash Read more [...]