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Replacement for Flash Memory

Today flash memories or thumb drives are commonly used as devices that store information even without power—nonvolatile memory. However, physicists and researchers are of the opinion that flash memory is nearing the end of its size and performance limits. Therefore, the computer industry is in search of a replacement for flash memory. For instance, the National Institute of Technology (NIST) conducted research is suggesting resistive random access memory (RRAM) as a worthy successor for the next Read more [...]

Adding Memory to the Raspberry Pi

Although the memory onboard the Single Board Computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi is sufficient for most applications, some may feel the necessity of expanding the storage capacity. The options provided on the RBPi are limited, as the USB ports often engage a keyboard, a mouse or a game controller and the SD card slot holds only a single device. The most obvious option for expanding the storage capacity on the RBPi is through the USB ports. However, tying up ports with a USB hard disk drive or flash Read more [...]

What’s the difference between SD vs SDHC cards?

We use several types of digital devices, which store data on external memory cards. Unfortunately, just as there is a large variety of digital devices, there is a plethora of memory cards to add to the confusion. People juggle with SDHC, SDXC, SD, MiniSD and MicroSD among the most popular cards. Often it is puzzling to ascertain what type of memory card will suit your camera, phone, MP3 player, tablet or other mobile digital device. Most memory cards are flash type with difference in formats, sizes Read more [...]

Magneto resistive random access technology (MRAM) for better memory storage

Technologists researching at the laboratories of the National University of Singapore in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed a new technology that will help in enhancing storing information in electronic systems in a better and more durable manner. Called Magneto Resistive Random Access Technology, this innovative method increases the storage space considerably and ensures that all fresh data will remain intact, even when there is a power failure. The team of researchers, Read more [...]