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Sensitive Magnetic-Field Sensor Has Low Noise

Although applications for magnetic sensors cover a vast field, ranging from the gigantic magnetic resonance imaging or MRI systems to sensing tiny gear-teeth, they are one of the most overlooked or misunderstood among the modern sensors in use. Researchers are constantly on the lookout for increasingly small but more sensitive magnetic-field sensors. However, sensitivity alone is not the only qualifying parameter for such sensors—low-level transducers require to be low-noise as well. That is Read more [...]

Differential Pressure with a Tiny Sensor

Process control requires system operators to monitor and control the condition and movement of liquids and gases. Several instruments are available for this, allowing measurement and monitoring of variables, and these fall under the categories of pressure, temperature, level, and flow. Among the pressure-gage category, differential-pressure gages receive the widest recognition for being the largest specialty type – useful in filtration, flow, and level measurements.

While standard pressure gages Read more [...]

What if Your Life was Speech Activated?

Although we mostly use speech when interacting with other human beings, interacting with machines using speech is still a distant dream. So far, human-to-machine communication technology has been reserved for science fiction movies. However, many are working to provide groundwork for transforming that vision to reality. For instance, speech recognition software, such as Apple’s Siri for the iPhone 4s, is now quite popular. Yet, there are several challenges to address and many kinks to be smoothened Read more [...]

How does an Android process sense motion?

The Android 4.4 Operating System from Google is able to track your motion in real-time. You can test this with the Google-map application when traveling – your current position as shown on the map will shift as you move. Although this was feature available earlier as well, Google has mandated that 4.4 version onwards, Android will be using this function in the background while it has turned the application processor off. Google has introduced this change to save battery life.

To comply with Read more [...]