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Do You Need A 2K Display on your Smartphone?

One of the biggest selling points of flagship smartphones is their display resolution. A high resolution allows for better rendering of images and text on the screen and enhances the overall viewing pleasure. While grainy displays have become a thing of the past, with even sub $100 smartphones touting qHD and HD displays, the question now is, how much is too much. Phone manufacturers are constantly striving to equip their devices with the sharpest displays, outperforming rivals in terms of clarity Read more [...]

Flexible Aluminum Battery for Smartphones

Would you be interested in a battery that takes only a second to charge up and is flexible enough to wrap around your smartphone? While manufacturers would be more interested in the flexibility feature, most users will welcome the quick charging time. At Stanford University, researchers claim to have developed such a battery from cheap, plentiful materials. It is flexible and charges up very fast as well. The new aluminum battery has a foil anode made of flexible aluminum, a cathode of graphite Read more [...]

Expect These Smartphone Innovations In The Near Future

Things are moving very rapidly in the smartphone arena. The phone you buy today after so many considerations and searches on the web, loses its new shine the very next day – some other phone has better features at a lower price. Just as for desktops, new processors for smartphones are entering the market with ever-increasing number of cores inside them. Memory prices are falling, so 2GB RAM is now a norm rather than a feature. Today's top-of-the-line smartphones are powered by processors from Read more [...]

Wireless charging – what’s new?

The convenience of having your mobile charged wirelessly, while you sip coffee at the corner shop, is now fast approaching reality with passing time. Wireless charging is now entering a phase where manufacturers are turning up the power so that it is possible to charge wirelessly handheld medical equipment, tablets and larger phablets. For example, a new set of receivers and transmitters from Freescale can now handle up to 15W. These chips use the Qi technology that the Wireless Power Consortium Read more [...]

What Are NFC Tags And How Do You Use Them?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. These are small tags, which can be programmed to talk to your phone. As you swipe your phone over an NFC tag, it triggers preset commands you have programmed into it. NFC tags are quite cheap, for example, you can pick up 10 of them on Amazon for about $13. Here are some examples of using NFC tags - • Tag No.1: On key chain. A simple trigger to take you to a specific website • Tag No.2: On the kitchen counter. It triggers several commands – turn Read more [...]

What Is A Semiconductor Compass?

Chances are that your smartphone has a compass to show you which way is North. A normal compass consists of a magnetic needle suspended on a pivot and the earth's magnetic field aligns it towards the magnetic North Pole. Since there is no magnetic needle within the smartphone, it is a wonder how this digital compass works. Well, a modern smartphone contains a built-in electronic or semiconductor compass, also called the eCompass. Moreover, this eCompass is calibrated for the magnetic interference Read more [...]

Android smartphone sales up a whopping 886%

Research firm, Canalys, reports that Android platform smartphone sales increased an amazing 886% in the 2nd quarter. An even bigger accomplishment is the fact that Android based phones now account for 34% of the market - topping all other platforms including Apple's popular iPhone platform. The press release from Canalys also reports that Android devices combined reached almost 475,000 units in Q2 2010 from no presence in the country a year ago. The Google-backed Android is available in phones Read more [...]

Keeping up with the newest smartphones

Buy a smartphone in May, chances are that you can buy a bigger - better - upgraded - faster - prettier - cooler phone in June. It's been that way for years with PCs and notebook computers so why should the smartphone market be any different? I'm still waiting on my backordered HTC Incredible, but we already have 3 of them in service on our plan.They've quickly become the all-time favorite phone at West Florida Components. Powered by a 1GHz processor, these phones are fast! Other favorite features Read more [...]