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Progress in the World of Internet of Things

Although many in the electronics field lambast the Internet of Things (IoT) as an inappropriate or inadequate acronym, IoT is a space to huge to be confined to these narrow adjectives. In reality, IoT requires a blanket description, as it covers a vast arena. Problems arise from compartmentalization and although various spaces such as industrial and medical have established a big head start, others have yet to launch their true separate identities. For the electronics designer this means taking Read more [...]

Sneaker Technology: Headlights on Your Foot

Sneaker technology is going places. Not that it is traveling, but manufacturers are imbibing the humble sneaker with special powers that help the wearer. One of such gadgets is the Smart Concept Sole from Vibram. Sneakers made by the company have a remote controlled LED lighting system. Wearers can choose to illuminate the ground ahead at night as they walk. In addition, Vibram is planning to embed more sensors within the soles of their sneakers to warn the wearer of environmental hazards invisible Read more [...]