Monthly Archives: November 2008

New Uses for Solar Energy: Solar Powered Gadgets

A few decades ago, you might have noticed solar panels when driving through rural areas on a radio tower, or perhaps you'd seen them in use at a scientific research facility or on images of the international space station. These days, it seems like solar panels are popping up everywhere, with many modern homeowners opting to trade in their expensive and inefficient electricity bills for clean, environmentally conscientious solar energy that requires virtually no maintenance and significantly Read more [...]

Solar Energy Basics

How Solar Energy Works Solar energy is a relatively new field of study in terms of practical application, but its existence and effect on our planet is as old as the Earth itself. The sun undergoes a never-ending series of light and heat producing reactions, comprising and sustaining its fiery mass while radiating these products outward. While some of this radiation is reflected back into space by the upper reaches of our atmosphere, a significant portion passes through and touches the Read more [...]

Solar Energy Systems – Are They Right For You?

Solar energy systems, once reserved for massive industrial and agricultural operations, have seen dramatic developments in efficacy and accessibility over the past few years, allowing business owners, building planners, and homeowners to incorporate these important pieces of green technology into their everyday lives. Far from being a second-best energy option or merely comprising a fashionable way to power a space, solar energy systems present excellent solutions for entrepreneurs and consumers Read more [...]

Solar Energy is Hot!

Solar radiation, as well as other solar resources like wind power, wave power and hydroelectricity make up over 99% of the renewable energy sources available to us. Amazing! I remember reading about google's goal of installing enough solar panels to generate electricity for 50,000 homes. They have made a real commitment to investing in renewable energy resources. Imagine if we each made JUST ONE home appliance solar powered? We can start small - like a solar powered I-Pod charger or some Read more [...]