Emulating Brain Functions with a Memristor Computer

Chip designs at the atomic level may require emulating the functioning of the human brain, while upholding Moore’s Law. In fact, this might be the only way forward. All forward-looking semiconductor design organizations such as Intel, HP, Samsung, and others know this and this has sparked an exponential interest in the study of memristors. Among all known electronic components, memristors alone are capable of emulating the brain. It is common knowledge now that a human brain performs far better Read more [...]

Can Hardware Thwart Attackers?

At the Gamecon Congress 2015 at Cologne, Germany, Intel announced its 6th Generation of Core processors. Although they did not elaborate, the new chips have vPro on-chip hardware, which is important to the security of business users. Among the new 6th Generation vPro Cores, several of them have new hardware capabilities that include Authenticate and Unite. Intel claims this on-chip hardware to be unhackable, and these can verify the identity of users, allowing them to project their screens onto any Read more [...]

What is the MHL Specification?

A present, we are inundated with a plethora of digital devices. For example, we have set-top boxes or STBs, Blu-ray players, AVRs, automobile information systems, monitors, TVs, tablets, smartphones and others making up this large and diverse ecosystem. For getting all these to plug-and-play together is no mean feat and the latest standard connector that manufacturers are adopting for compatibility is the USB Type-C. The protocol that the USB Type-C will be using for the delivery of audio, video, Read more [...]

What is Biometrics?

Many areas are seeing the spread of biometrics. These include military electronics, law enforcement, border protection, industrial and business security, medical devices, consumer electronics and financial transactions. The most important reasons for the rising interest in biometrics comes from the forced emphasis on safety and security because of increasing instances of terrorism, fraud and identity theft. Biometrics technology is poised for sustained growth. This is also evident from the figures Read more [...]

How to Safely Grab an Ant

Any child can confirm that ants are not delicate creatures. Their size makes it difficult for us to grab an ant without harming it. Unless you happen to be an Entomologist, wrangling with an ant may not fall into your general activities. However, if for some reason you have to pick or hold something as small or smaller, a micro-tentacle would be the best way to go. Traditional tweezers are no good when grasping tiny delicate objects such as blood vessels. The process can be painstaking as putting Read more [...]

Driving Steppers with the RasPiRobot Board

The Raspberry Pi or RBPi is an inexpensive, tiny single board computer running the Linux operating system. As such, the standalone RBPi is not suitable for running motors, but when combined with an expansion board such as the RasPiRobot Board, you can easily run DC motors as well as Stepper motors off the RBPi. For this, you must use the version 2 of the RasPiRobot or RRBv2 board. Please note you can run only 5V steppers with the RBPi RRBv2 combination, as this board does not support 12V motors. In Read more [...]

Room Automation and Raspberry Pi

Most people prefer to come back to a cozy room after a full day's work. For many, this may not always be possible, unless someone turns on the AC at the right time. For those living alone, help is available in the form of a single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. In addition, the RBPi operates the blinds and you can control it from anywhere in the world – the RBPi is connected to the Internet. For this project, you will need an RBPi with a suitable SD card, a Wi-Fi dongle, a stepper Read more [...]

Drive a 16-Channel Servo with the Raspberry Pi

To drive servomotors micro-controllers must have PWM outputs. These are output pins on which the micro-controller will generate pulse outputs with controlled or modulated variable widths. Most embedded micro-controller units have one or more of these outputs. The famous single board computer, the tiny credit card sized Raspberry Pi or RBPi also has one IO pin dedicated for PWM. This is the PWM channel available at the GPIO18 of the RBPi and with this, you can drive a single servo at best. However, Read more [...]

Here Comes the Raspberry Pi 3

The world woke up to a 256MB Raspberry Pi, or RBPi, Model B on 29 February 2012, and found it fascinating enough to order over eight million pieces since that date. That has made the Raspberry Pi Foundation of UK grow from a few volunteers to over sixty full-time employees, and the RBPi 2 an all-time best-selling SBC or single board computer. In celebration of their fourth birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released their new model of the RBPi, keeping the price same as that for the existing Read more [...]

Is the Odroid SBC Better than Raspberry Pi 3?

The world of inexpensive SBCs or single board computers has been taken by a storm with the unveiling of the new Raspberry Pi board or the RBPi 3. The claim being it blows the competition away, and that no one can match its price. However, that may not be entirely true, as the Odroid C2 SBC seems to best the RBPi 3. Hardkernel promotes its Odroid C2 as another cheap and speedy SBC with a 64-bit ARM-based quad core processor. A comparison of the specifications shows the C2 may be giving the RBPi Read more [...]