Non-Volatile Memory from Carbon

So far, many problems have inhibited development of carbon based memory devices. Not any more, as IBM and the EMPA have solved those problems and come up with the possible use of oxygenated amorphous carbon for non-volatile memory applications. The new non-volatile memory is based on a Redox reaction that takes place in thin films of oxygenated amorphous carbon known as a-COx. The film is a process of PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition. EMPA, the Swiss Electron Microscopy Center and IBM, Zurich, Read more [...]

How do Wi-Fi Antennas Work?

Antennas are necessary for transmitting and receiving the radio-frequency energy that forms the basis of Wi-Fi communications. The underlying rule is you need a better antenna to improve coverage. Understanding fundamentals is essential for selecting a proper antenna for your application. In general, antennas radiate radio waves when fed with the right kind of electrical power. Conversely, an antenna can also covert radio waves received by it into electrical power. There are different forms of Read more [...]

The Latest Ultra-sensitive Gas Sensors

By using Graphene doped with Boron, scientists have developed ultra-sensitive gas sensors that could one day be able to detect the presence of one molecule of gas in a thousand trillion molecules of air. Various gases, such as those produced by explosives, are specifically difficult to detect – you need extra-sensitive sensors. However, scientists are considering Graphene as being the new material for creating a stream of electronic devices, including sensitive gas detectors. Graphene has high Read more [...]

Linear Guide Wheel Applications have a Low Cost Solution

Linear guides, when applied to industrial uses, require substantial load capacity. To withstand the dynamic and complex forces properly, linear guides need adequate load capacity in a variety of orientations. Such forces may originate from different sources such as the moving masses, force of gravity, modifications and oppositions to motion caused by cutting tools or other process requirements. Since it is difficult to locate the payload mass always in the ideal position directly over the linear Read more [...]

3D Printer based on the Raspberry Pi

3D printers are becoming so very popular now and you can get them in many different sizes and configurations to suit your purpose. AON, a company providing 3D printer services in Montreal has built a prototype of a high-end dual extrusion 3D printer. A notable feature about this printer is the huge build volume of 129,600 cubic centimeters, which users can heat up to 70°C. However, most importantly, the device has an SBC that runs it – a Raspberry Pi or RBPi running the open source Linux Operating Read more [...]

An SSD Shield for the Raspberry Pi

CSB502SSD is a multifunction storage shield for the Raspberry Pi or RBPi 2, model B. A Rhode Island based startup, Pi2Design has designed the shield and makers of the embedded modules, Cogent Computer Systems have manufactured it. The designers have targeted the shield for a variety of industrial, medical, data storage and embedded applications. Earlier, Pi2Design had offered the PiDrive SSD expansion card to users with a 128GB mSATA solid-state drive. The CSB502SSD plugs in directly into one Read more [...]

ARM9 SBC with 7-inch Touchscreen

Now you can have complete HMI or Human Machine Interface with the Linux-ready ARM9 Single Board Computer from Premier Farnell. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and you can use the SBC for home automation as well. The EDM6070AR-01 is a single board computer with an integrated Embedded Display Module or EDM, which makes it suitable for supporting a variety of embedded HMI applications. These include data acquisition and analysis, network terminals, medical products, intelligent instruments and Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Zero Has It Simplified

The release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero or RBPi-Zero has taken the technical world by a storm. This tiny SBC has a 1GHz ARM11 System on Chip, 40 GPIO pins, micro-USB ports, a mini-HDMI port, a micro SD card slot and works with 512MB RAM. The 65x30 mm card has gone on sale with a price tag of a mere $5.00. The Broadcom BCM2836, clocked to 1GHz, runs Raspbian Linux. Not only is the RBPi-Zero 40 percent faster than the original RBPi Model B, it is also 40 smaller than the B+ model of the RBPi. Although Read more [...]

Track Mobile Assets with this 4G LTE Router

Organizations with fleets of vehicles to manage do not find it an easy task. It is important for them to focus on the bottom line without sacrificing service, response time and customer experience. Tracking mobile assets is a complex issue for fleet management that organizations in numerous verticals have to grapple with every day. Saving operating costs can help pay for an investment in fleet management solutions. A good solution provides savings with optimized vehicle utilization, operator compliance Read more [...]

The 4DPi-24-HAT for the Raspberry Pi

Once you have a Raspberry Pi or RBPi, you need a keyboard and a monitor to communicate with it. Provided the monitor has a touchscreen, you can dispense with the keyboard. Just such a touchscreen LCD is available from 4D systems and Newark Element14. Their 4DPi-24-HAT is a 2.4-inch, resistive QVGA LCD with a resistive touchscreen and designers claim this is the first device to use the full HAT design. HATs or Hardware Added on Top boards enable the RBPi SBC to configure its GPIO signals and drivers Read more [...]