How Do You Count People Using Wi-Fi?

Other than providing wireless communication facilities, Wi-Fi can have other uses as well. Researchers at the UCSB are now experimenting with a common wireless signal to tell them the number of people present in a designated space. Astonishingly, these people need not be carrying any personal devices on them. At Professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab in the UC, Santa Barbara, researchers are demonstrating that wireless signals have more uses than simply providing access to the Internet. With a Wi-Fi Read more [...]

What Active Safety Systems do Cars Use?

As cars move towards independence from drivers, and become more self-reliant, they are also becoming smarter and safer. Manufacturers are using newer systems every year for the assistance of drivers with the systems increasingly employing advanced technology and data processing. Among such advanced technology range from automatic high-bean control to pre-collision braking systems, and these are now becoming the norm in practically all kinds of cars.At present, the active safety systems manufacturers Read more [...]

Brixo, Toaster & Jet Pack: Crowdfunded Hardware Designs

New Crowdfunded Hardware Designs If you possess an inventive streak, there are various places from where you can draw inspiration for your next big idea. Hardware designs on sites such as the Crowd Supply, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter can provide a spark to fire up your imagination and trigger a series of thoughts to lead you to your next discovery. Some inexpensive favorites are given below. Legos on Steroids – Brixo Brixo presents blocks similar to and compatible with those made by Lego, Read more [...]

Reflow Oven Control with a Raspberry Pi

ntroduction of SMT or Surface Mount Technology components have made it more difficult for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts to solder these components using a soldering iron. The switch from through-hole components to SMT types had actually made hand soldering easier initially. However, with the introduction of BGA and similar packages that require blind soldering and extremely small packages that are difficult to handle manually, hand soldering with a soldering iron is now practically impossible. Such Read more [...]

New Velocity & RBPi: Charting an undiscovered island

Not many engineers are familiar with cartography, the map-making process. However, with advances in technology, map-making also uses computers, including using them for gathering, evaluation, and processing the source data. Furthermore, cartographers use the computer for intellectual and graphical design of the map, down to the drawing and reproduction of the final document. There is more to cartography than mere map-making. Being an academic discipline in its own right, there exist professional Read more [...]

Can Electrocution Really Kill You?

Although cartoons tend to show a person being fried due to electrocution as the body flashes like fireworks with the bones visible to everyone, in reality, things do not work that way. Electricity does not actually fry you – unless you are struck by a thunderbolt. However, only a frighteningly miniscule amount of electricity is enough to snuff out your life. At the beginning, it is necessary to get some facts clear. Some major units used by electrical engineers are – volts, amperes, watts, Read more [...]

Use the Raspberry Pi for the Internet of Things

Barriers are coming down between operational technologies. Barriers such as were existing between industrial hardware and software for monitoring and controlling machines and the ERP systems and other information technology people typically use when operating and supporting their business. Manufacturers are having an exciting time as new opportunities are emerging every day for improving the productivity. Along with the rise in the challenges, there are innovations in creating new sources of customer Read more [...]

Pi-Top: Convert your Raspberry Pi into a Laptop

Although we call the Raspberry Pi or RBPi as a single board computer and it is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is hardly useful as a computer when you are on the move. This is mainly because the SBC comes without a keyboard, display, and mouse, intended to keep the costs down. However, if you are interested in turning your RBPi3 into a laptop, there is the Pi-Top. You get everything necessary to turn your $35 single board computer into a laptop. For instance, you get a 13.3” HD LCD screen Read more [...]

Create Steam without Boiling Water

According to the primary text books of physics, pure water boils to produce steam at 100°C when the pressure equals 1 atmosphere or 760 mm of mercury, provided the heat supplied equals 640 Kcal for every Kilogram of water. That means, to produce steam, you need to boil water, so it changes its phase from liquid to gas. However, scientists are proving that it is possible to produce steam from water without boiling it – simply by supplying the latent heat necessary to change the phase. Boiling Read more [...]

Piq: This Ski-sensor Measures Details of your Skiing

Most skiers want feedback about their skiing, for improving their technique. The ski sensor from Rossignol offers one that not only does what skiers want in unprecedented detail, but also light and tiny enough to be unobtrusive. For instance, you get details about edge-to-edge transition time, in-air rotation, g-force, airtime and more. The sensor is slick enough and low profile, so you may not even notice that you have it on you. This multi-sport ski sensor, Piq, measures just 44 x 38 x 5.4 Read more [...]