The RasPiRobot Board for the Raspberry Pi

In robotics, it is usual to have to drive a few motors with the RBPi or Raspberry Pi. However, instead of letting the RBPi handle the low-level job of motor control, using a motor controller board is another option. This frees the RBPi for handling more of the high-level code, resulting in better utilization of the resources and improving the efficiency of the project. For turning your RBPi into a proper motor controller, you can use the RasPiRobot Board. Apart from simply running your motors Read more [...]

IDEASTICK: Windows Goes Into Your Pocket Now

At last, users of the Operating System Windows will also be able to enjoy the simple portability that Linux users already have. Lenovo has come up with an oversized memory stick – the new Stick 300. Actually, instead of being just an oversized memory stick, Stick 300 is full-fledged Windows PC. Although the specifications are rather low-end, the ideastick from Lenovo makes it up with being portable and having a more appealing price tag. Obviously, the tiny chassis cannot offer an exciting hardware. Read more [...]

Controlling Robotics Through Brain Waves

Imagine moving things about with nothing more than just your brain waves. This is not some science fiction movie with an exaggerated depiction of an obscure term called Telekinesis – the art of moving matter with thought. Some 15-20 patients have joined studies of brain implants that can convey information from the brain to a computer. These include patients in advanced stages of ALS and those completely or partially paralyzed. All the patients have undergone similar tests conducted by BrainGate, Read more [...]

Devices Running on WiFi Power

Mobile devices are now radically smaller and more powerful than those available in the last decade were. They are also able to tackle more technology-related tasks compared to their erstwhile brethren. However, as their capability grows, they need to consume more power. With the Internet-of-Things and wearable technologies gaining increasing recognition from users, the need to keep them 'on' all the time is raising the topic of the best methods to power them. Imagine that you have multiple sensors Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi for the Talking Chatter Smartphone

You may have seen and even played with the Chatter Telephone, as the classic Fisher Price toy has been around since 1962. Although the design of the toy evolved over the years, in 2010, the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 3 managed to depict the Chatter phone in its original classic form. Coinciding with the release of the movie, Fisher Price updated their model as the Talking Chatter Telephone. The new model carried some voice clips from the movie and had an all-plastic body, reminiscent of the boxy Read more [...]

Using Raspberry Pi for Dog Training

Dog lovers and those who keep dogs as pets know that every dog has its own personality and like us humans, they too, often succumb to temptations. Some canines just cannot resist chewing those delicious new sandals, while others must investigate the leftover food scraps on the dining table. And, as working people cannot monitor their pet's behavior the whole day, Dave Young took up a project involving lasers and the single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, to help their pet keep its nose Read more [...]

SOLI: The Final Interface is Your Hands

Finally, it is time to say good-bye to buttons and touchscreens. You need only wave your hands in thin air for controlling your gadgets. This game changer is a breakthrough from Google and is its project Soli. Soli makes it a thing of past to hit incorrect keys with your thumbs and you can conveniently forget swiping screens. The new gesture technology from Google is very precise and allows working on the smallest of displays. Soli has small chips generating invisible radar to recognize finger Read more [...]

An Action Camera for the Raspberry Pi

If you are the type that goes biking into the mountains and all the while recording your adventures on camera while on the trip, you need a camera that is biking-centric, robust and suitable for long-distance trips. Of course, several suitable cameras already exist such as the GoPro, Fly6 and the Sony Action CAM, but they are expensive not accessible to all. On the other hand, an action camera for the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) is not only cheap, it is also open-source and suitable for the purpose. The Read more [...]

Hear Only What You Wish To: Doppler ear buds

When there is a need for solitude, peace and quiet, some resort to earmuffs. Although good for cutting off or reducing the loudest of noises in your neighborhood, earmuffs cannot help you to hear the sounds of the world to your liking – either you hear nothing or you hear it all – there is no in-between. Now Doppler Labs has an ear bud that allows you to choose how you would like to hear the sounds surrounding you – with a volume knob. The ear buds are no hearing aids and neither are they Read more [...]

This Drone Avoids Obstacles When It Sees Them

If you thought drones could only fly and had to be manually guided around obstacles, the information you have is about five years old. Within the last few years, drones available to the average consumer have progressed by leaps and bounds. Most drones possess an onboard computer system that allows them to navigate autonomously. They can follow along with their owner or lead a path defined by GPS waypoints, capturing alluring aerial footages on the way. Up until now, the drones that we came across Read more [...]