The Human Brain Project: Is the Electronic Brain Coming?

The human brain has always been a thing of extreme curiosity to the students of anatomy. In fact, Einstein's brain was preserved for future study immediately after his death. Innumerable studies have been done on this part of the human anatomy, yet, we know very little about how its complete range of functions. In the quest to know more about the human brain, resources are being put together for a simulation to study how the brain functions. The HBP or Human Brain Project of the European Union has Read more [...]

Pi Lite: Bright White LED Display with the Raspberry Pi

If you did not know, you can run many LEDs with the tiny, credit card sized single board computer popular as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi. Among the many accessories made for the RBPi using LEDs, Ciseco makes one that is very interesting and useful. This is a display panel using bright white LEDs and aptly named the Pi Lite. You can use the series of white LEDs on the Pi Lite as a scrolling marquee for a Twitter feed, for displaying real-time weather information or stock quotes. You can use it to display Read more [...]

Power Supply Ignition and other Switches for the Raspberry Pi

There are several occasions where you may require operating your RBPi or Raspberry Pi powered from a vehicle's electrical system. To keep your single board computer safe and operational, an accessory is needed to sense when the ignition on the vehicle is engaged and when it is turned off. Accordingly, the accessory will respond by powering the RBPi on or off safely. MausBerry Circuits make such safe power supply ignition switches and other shutdown switches for the RBPi to be used in vehicles. The Read more [...]

How Opto-Couplers Help with Intrinsic Safety

Electrical equipment and wiring are used in different environments, including hazardous locations, where there is always a risk of explosion due to any malfunction in the wiring or equipment. To mitigate this risk, electrical and thermal energy generated must be limited to a level below that required to ignite a specific mixture of the hazardous atmosphere. This technique of designing electrical equipment and wiring to be safe under normal or abnormal conditions is called intrinsic safety. Therefore, Read more [...]

Computers Can Beat Humans in Image Recognition

Every day, computers are getting smarter. So far, it is not clear whether the smartness is moving towards something as depicted in the Terminator movies, but computers are beating humans in chess, poker and Jeopardy. The next hurdle that computers have crossed is image recognition. Microsoft claims to have programmed a computer that can beat humans at recognizing images. Although the final competition is going to be held on December 17, 2015, already there are claims that computers are better Read more [...]

Graspinghand’s SweetBox, ScorPi and Heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi

Those who need a casing for their Raspberry Pi or RBPi are rather spoiled for choice. There are so many types of casings available, and that makes it so difficult to settle on one. Sometimes, you need a casing that does not take up too much space, but is able to protect your RBPi from sundry damage. If you want the smallest case on the market, try the SweetBox from Graspinghand. Besides being the smallest on the market, SweetBox is injection molded with high-performance nylon, and is compatible Read more [...]

Adding a Reset Switch to your Raspberry Pi

Normally, shutting down the tiny credit card sized single board computer, the RBPi or Raspberry Pi, involves pulling the plug. That means disconnecting the power cable from the RBPi board. However, that is a risky way of shutting down the SBC, since it may be in the process of transferring data to the SD card, and the power interruptions may cause corruption of the memory card. Another problem with frequent removal and re-insertion of the power cable is the damage this may cause the connector port. Read more [...]

pluripotent stem cells give this Chip a Living Beating Heart

In 2010, Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of the Kyoto Prize, had discovered pluripotent stem cells. At the University of Berkeley, bioengineers used these stem cells to create living, beating hearts on-a-chip. Their aim is to reproduce organs of the human body on-a-chip and then interconnect them with channels carrying micro-fluidics, ultimately creating a complete human being on-a-wafer. According to Professor Kevin Healy, bioengineers have mastered the art of deriving almost any type of human tissue Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Alternatives

f you have been using single board computers such as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi and Arduino, you would have certainly found them great as do-it-yourself boards for hacking and for setting up your own design. However, using these boards can bring up a natural curiosity to look at other alternate hacker boards similar in size and functionality to the RBPi. Listed here are some boards comparable in prices to that of the RBPi, and with community support. They are good for transitioning to low-cost commercial Read more [...]

LED Light Guides Equal OLED Performance

The visual impact of OLED panels is hard to resist. Their luminosity is seductively stylish and sleek. Fashion-forward lighting designers prefer the eerily-even silky glow of the OLEDs, even though these are more expensive, have a short lifetime and can be damaged more easily than other light emitting panels. Now GLT or Global Lighting Technologies, with their edge-lit LED-based light guide technology, is about to turn the tables on OLEDs. The latest product from GLT, a 4x4 inch LED-based light Read more [...]