What is eco-friendly electronics?

Imagine an easy and non-polluting way of disposing of your old electronic gadgets that have outlived their usefulness. E-waste or waste from electronic products is a ticking time bomb that threatens to engulf us. For instance, about 85% of e-waste is discarded as landfills, releasing several toxins into the environment. Although only 2% of America's trash in landfills is e-waste, it equals 70% of the overall toxic waste, with lead as the major element. Every year, worldwide, disposal of e-waste is Read more [...]

Integrate your Raspberry Pi to the Hackable Roomba

You do not find many robots in the consumer arena, unless it is the AVA 500, the telepresence robot from iRobot. Users can simply specify where they want AVA 500 to be and it automatically navigates to the destination without requiring any human intervention. It has advanced mapping technology combined with a real-time view of the environment. Another simpler consumer robot is Roomba, from the same company, iRobot. iRobot has turned the highly successful Roomba 600 robot into a hackable Create Read more [...]

New Generation BLDC Motor Drives

The introduction of Li-ion batteries and brushless DC or BLDC motors has opened up a new market for battery powered motor driven products. You will find brushless motors powered with rechargeable batteries being used in products such as uninterruptible power supplies, wheelchairs, e-bikes and other small electric vehicles and in small tools such as leaf blowers, chainsaws and drills. To take advantage of the integration of BLDC motors with Li-ion batteries for providing power requires updated MOSFET Read more [...]

Wireless charging – what’s new?

The convenience of having your mobile charged wirelessly, while you sip coffee at the corner shop, is now fast approaching reality with passing time. Wireless charging is now entering a phase where manufacturers are turning up the power so that it is possible to charge wirelessly handheld medical equipment, tablets and larger phablets. For example, a new set of receivers and transmitters from Freescale can now handle up to 15W. These chips use the Qi technology that the Wireless Power Consortium Read more [...]

Fun projects for the Raspberry Pi Model A+ – Part 1

Fun Projects for the Raspberry Pi Model A+ - Part 1 The latest release of the Raspberry Pi, the RBPi Model A+ is not only smaller, it is cheaper as well. That makes it an ideal device for taking a plunge into coding and for trying out new projects. Here are some fun projects that you may find interesting. A Garden with Digits With a Pibrella add-on board, your RBPi can run several small motors to create a digital garden. Define the garden to your exact specifications with ornate flowers Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi gets a stepper-motor hat

Robotics enthusiasts find the credit card sized single board computer, Raspberry Pi or RBPi - a versatile unit for controlling various functions. With several add-ons or HATs readily available in the market, the RBPi can be a formidable force to reckon with. With its latest Motor HAT from Adafruit, your RBPi can control up to four DC motors or two stepper motors using PWM to achieve full speed control. Although the RBPi has several GPIO pins, not many of them work as PWM. That means, to control Read more [...]

Telegram, Raspberry Pi and Remote Control

People from an older generation may still recall the days the postman would land on the doorstep and deliver a slip of paper with some message in it. Those were the days of Telegrams associated with Morse Code, the dots and dashes way of communicating with far-off places. Mobiles and instant messaging services have now replaced that and other such slow modes of communication. As a result, you can always remain in instant contact with people across the globe. Similar to the WhatsApp messenger service, Read more [...]

What is a dual screen smartphone?

Most of us use smartphones that sport dual features such as two cameras, two flashes and two SIM sockets. Some manufacturers also make phones with two glass layers for encasing the device. However, one manufacturer has literally followed the adage – two heads are better than one – and produced a smartphone with two screens. The world's first dual screen phone – YotaPhone 2 – Is a product of the Russian company, YotaPhone. While the primary display measures 5.0 inches and is an AMOLED display Read more [...]

What is a Broadband Internet Connection?

To access the internet from homes, offices or mobile devices, internet services are necessary. This is offered in mainly four different forms – Digital Subscriber Line or DSL, cable, fiber-optic and satellite. All the above are commonly known as broadband services since they provide high access speeds compared to the old dial-up connection, which is the only non-broadband service. Although this is the cheapest way of connecting to the Internet, most users prefer faster connections such as provided Read more [...]

Two Delightful Robots Using the Raspberry Pi

Two kits are presented here for those trying to build a robot for the first time. The first is the GoPiGo, a complete robot kit from Dexter Industries and the second is TiddlyBot, a simple fun robot with lots of features. Both kits are great for introducing anyone to the exciting world of robotics and doing it in a fun and simple way. Building robots is a great way for learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), including basic robotics and programming. GoPiGo Apart from the Read more [...]