Surf the Streets with a Single-Wheel Hoverboard

Most of us relate surfing to either the Internet or seas. Likewise, hovering is more of an activity concerning helicopters, quadcopters or drones. Marry the two and what you have is a hoverboard, with which you can surf the streets and hover while window-shopping. Most astonishingly, the hoverboard does all this with a single wheel – see it in action. With a top speed of 26 kmph and a range of 19 Km, the single-wheel Hoverboard may not be an ideal device for actually hovering in midair similar Read more [...]

Comparing Raspberry Pi to Banana Pi

The new version of the hugely famous single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi as it is commonly known, brings many improvements to its users. The RBPi version 2, Model B has improved on the CPU, added RAM, more USB ports and GPIO pins. However, the increasing popularity of the RBPi has sparked off a trend with several other manufacturers chipping in to make available SBCs with features similar to and sometimes surpassing those of the RBPi. The Chinese manufacturer LeMaker is one such manufacturer Read more [...]

LIDAR and the Raspberry Pi

For hackers and DIY enthusiasts, it is always a challenge to make correct measurements between their robots and nearby objects such as an autonomous vehicle. Estimating the distance is important for the robot to make a decision about avoiding bumping into obstacles. Although this may be considered trivial for a small robot running into a wall, it could turn out deadly for the same robot encountering an autonomous vehicle. In 2013, NASA held a competition called SRR or Sample Return Robot, where Read more [...]

How Safe Are the Batteries You Use?

There is occasional news about exploding smartphone batteries. As this is a safety related issue, the topic has generated a lot of interest. Several researchers, from the National Physical Laboratory, UK, the Imperial College, London, ESRF the European Synchrotron, and UCL, the University College, London have tried to find out the reasons and the mechanism behind batteries exploding. Their research reveals how damage to the internal structure of the batteries can spread to neighboring batteries. Now, Read more [...]

Your Smartphone Can Work as a 3D Scanner Now

Barring professional photographers, almost all possessing smartphones capture images of everyday objects using the onboard camera. Additionally, most smartphones today come with cameras of respectable resolution, with recent ones reaching 21 MP. Now, you can use the camera on your mobile to scan objects to reproduce a 3D image. Researchers from the Computer Vision and Geometry Group at ETH Zurich have created an application that can transform your smartphone into a portable digital scanner. The Read more [...]

What are UltraHDTV, HDR and 4K TV?

The TV industry is presently going through a turmoil with fresh format battles brewing over HDR or High Dynamic Range technology, which experts deem essential for making a 4K TV look even better. As usual, there are issues related to intellectual property rights. First, let us understand what 4K is about and why should people care about 4K and HDR. Recently, the UHD Alliance has announced a set of new specifications for Ultra High Definition Premium along with a logo for products and services Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and Mathematica Control Telescopes

The single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi is a versatile device helping youngsters learn computer programming. Its advantages do not stop there, because many hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts also use the RBPi for their numerous innovative projects. For example, Tom Sherlock, an amateur astronomer, has put the RBPi to good use for controlling his telescope. Along with the RBPi, Tom uses Mathematica and the Wolfram language for his telescope control. Amateur astronomers such as Tom use Mathematica Read more [...]

Digital Temperature Sensor with High Accuracy

Whether it is the body temperature, room temperature or the average temperature of the day, we take important decisions based on the various temperatures we measure and record. Although the mercury-based thermometer is still the most commonly used instrument, industrial temperature measurement has largely shifted to electronic sensors, data logging and digital displays. Accuracy in measurement is highly desirable and sensor manufacturers are constantly improving on their products offering better Read more [...]

Does the Raspberry Pi 3 Run Hotter than the Raspberry Pi 2?

Several people are now eagerly using and testing the new SBC or single board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi Model 3, or RBPi3. Although the overall response has been of enthusiastic welcome, there are some notes of concern as to the new board running rather warm under load. Michael Larabel has run some tests to compare and show just how warm the RBPi3 can get when compared to what the RBPi2 does. Finally, we suggest some remedies for cooling down the RBPi3. Michael Read more [...]

Cayenne on a Raspberry Pi

If you are building projects for IoT or the Internet of Things, a single board computer such as the Raspberry Pi, also known as the RBPi, can be a great asset. Moreover, with Cayenne installed on the RBPi, you have a drag-n-drop IoT project builder that the developers of the Cayenne software, myDevices, claims is the first in the world. Therefore, now it is easy to connect your RBPi to a mobile or online dashboard. On the other side, you have a breadboard ready to connect relays, lights, and motion Read more [...]