Embedded Pi and Raspberry Pi

To extend the functionality of your tiny single board computer, the credit card sized Raspberry Pi or RBPi you can consider using the Embedded Pi or E-Pi. With E-Pi, your RBPi will be able to interface to Arduino shields even without making use of any Arduino device. For example, the E-Pi RBPi combination can drive a TinkerKit Sensor Shield using a set of actuators/sensors such as LED actuator, button sensor, tilt sensor and a relay actuator. You may be an intermediate RBPi user or a novice just Read more [...]

Different Types of Digital Logic Gates

In the presence of different digital signals that need to be combined to make a logical decision, engineers use different types of digital logic gates. Usually, these gates have several inputs but a single digital output. Where a larger logic gate function or a sequential or combinational circuit is required, it is usual for individual logic gates to be connected together. Digital logic gates in standard commercial form are available in two basic forms or families – TTL or Transistor-Transistor Read more [...]

Use a K-Type Thermocouple with the Raspberry Pi

Whether you are working in a lab, at home, in the office or in the field, occasionally one needs to have the capability to measure the temperature of different sorts of materials such as solids, liquids and chemicals. The temperature range involved may be small or large - its measurement usually requires the use of a thermocouple. This is not very easy to interface, as you need a sensor amplifier that has to measure a very small voltage generated by the thermocouple. In general, type-K thermocouples Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Can Open Your Garage Door from Anywhere

Using a Raspberry Pi, you can have a garage door that opens with a command from your smartphone. Additionally, if you are away from home, no matter how far, you can always keep a tab on whether your garage door is shut. The tiny, credit card sized single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi is used here as a small web server. The page served by this web server will give you a big red button when you access it via your favorite browser. Pressing the red button will trigger the garage door via Read more [...]

How do Piezomotors Work?

Voltage applied to a piezoelectric material causes it to change its shape very minutely. Piezomotors such as Piezo LEGS are ceramic actuators that have four legs as its motors. These are designed cleverly such that the applied voltage can either elongate the legs or bend them sideways. It is also possible to synchronize the movement of each pair of its four legs such that it begins to walk just as an animal would – step by step. While walking, the legs can also stop at any instance on a nanometer Read more [...]

Why Is Thermally Conducting Paste Used?

No matter how highly polished a surface may seem, when seen under a microscope it will have some irregularities. When two such metal surfaces are put together, air within the irregularities prevents heat from flowing efficiently from one metal to the other. A heat sink is usually placed on a micro-controller to remove the heat generated within the CPU. However, this arrangement will not work in the way desired unless some filler material is used to replace the air in the gaps in the interface between Read more [...]

Demystifying Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet or POE is an upcoming technology and most information available on the subject is either outdated or creates a lot of conflict. That puts off people wanting to use this new technology. Some misconceptions common to POE is discussed here. POE leads to compatibility problems. In the early days of POE, several proprietary and home-brewed schemes were used to transfer power over networking cables. However, the standard IEEE 802.3af is now universally adopted for POE. That means Read more [...]

SSD, Magnetic or Hybrid Drives

Earlier, when we did not have much of a choice, PC storage options were limited to the largest capacity hard disk drive one could afford. Those days are long gone and today the average customer has to juggle between selecting different types of storage media apart from their capacity. Although it is fairly important to select the most optimum storage medium for a specific application, each of the drive types has their own advantages and disadvantages. Magnetic hard disk drives have long been the Read more [...]

Can a Solar Cell Store Its Own Power?

Can a Solar Cell Store Its Own Power? Researchers at Ohio State University have invented a device that looks like a solar cell but has the ability to store the power it generates. The patent-pending device is the world's first solar battery. On October 3, 2014, the researchers reported in the journal – Nature Communication – that they have succeeded in combining a solar cell and a battery into a single hybrid device. The innovation is a special solar panel in the form of a mesh that allows Read more [...]

XMP-1 the Raspberry Pi Robot

XMP-1 the Raspberry Pi Robot The inexpensive, credit card sized single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, can be teamed up with another inexpensive, credit card sized processor platform, the XMOS startKIT. The duo presents the unique possibility for DIY enthusiasts to construct robotics applications. An additional incentive – almost no soldering required. The XMOS StartKit comes with an XMOS processor chip that has multiple XMOS cores. You can program these cores directly in C. Multiple Read more [...]