Raspberry Pi Temperature Monitor and Alarm Project

Although five-day weeks are a boon to white- and blue-collar workers, some businesses need to be extra careful during the two days of the weekend. For example, commercial monitoring systems generally protect warehouses with large freezers and cooler rooms. However, between Friday evening and Monday morning when the food shelf remains closed, a unit may blow a fuse. Usually, this goes unmonitored with the result that food is found ruined by Monday. The inexpensive, tiny credit card sized single board Read more [...]

How do motion detectors work?

Whether it is really a cat or a cat burglar trying to sneak into your house at night, a motion detector is a more prudent device to have around, rather than trying your luck with a baseball bat. The trick is in knowing what type of motion detector to use at what point, since there are so many varieties of them and that could be confusing. It helps to know how some of the more common types of motion detectors work. Typically, there are two types of motion detectors – passive type and active type. Read more [...]

Teaching Raspberry Pi to teach itself

For most of us, learning is a part of life. Beginning at birth, we learn how to understand emotions, walk and talk as the primary steps in learning. For machines, although learning appears to be high-tech, it is not an isolated incident. We see incidents of machine learning around us almost every day without knowing. For example, machine-learning algorithms accomplish automatic tagging of Facebook photos and spam filtering of emails. Most of machine learning is a step in the direction of achieving Read more [...]

Are drones invading your privacy?

Unmanned drones have proved to be a stealthy asset in the war on terror, making strikes on targets and collecting data on enemy movements. However, these small, nimble and nearly silent fliers can also be used to keep tabs on law-abiding citizens from nearby skies. This domestic use of drones is raising concerns about privacy violations including potentially violating the Fourth Amendment. Now APlus Mobile is planning to build a Linux-based Personal Drone Detection System. These will detect any nearby Read more [...]

A Car Computer with the Raspberry Pi

There are many reasons one would want to make a car computer. Although one of the reasons might be the savings on the expenses of buying a branded one, the most plausible reason would be the thrill of making your own. What could be more exhilarating than to use the most inexpensive, credit card sized, single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi and turning it into a sophisticated car computer, ready to compete with the most expensive ones in the market. That is exactly what Derek Knaggs did. Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Digitizes and reads books

You can make your own book reader that will read books aloud after it has digitized them. The ingredients you will need are the tiny single board computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi, a BrickPi and some Lego motors and blocks. The finished book reader will flip through one page of a book at a time, take its picture and turn the picture into a text document, before moving onto the next page. The book reader works by preparing a page to turn with the help of a rotating Lego motor. Gravity does its bit Read more [...]

High Fidelity Audio from the Raspberry Pi

Although the Raspberry Pi or RBPi has many exceptional qualities such as a small form factor, low price, low power consumption and credit card size, the single board computer is not endowed with a high fidelity onboard sound output. Therefore, to get high-fidelity sound, you must add a sound card to the RBPi. For all RBPi users who love music, HiFiBerry produces sound cards designed for optimal sound quality output. HiFiBerry has two types of boards depending on whether you are looking for an Read more [...]

Designing Intelligent Lighting Systems with Constant Current LED Drivers

Sunpower LLP of UK has launched 25W constant current LED Drivers that facilitate designing of low wattage project style lighting and intelligent LED lighting control systems. The company has added the driver christened LCM-25 to its existing LCM series of constant current LED drivers for 60W and 40W. Apart from maintaining its output at a constant current while meeting the LED needs, the driver can be set up at varying levels ranging from 350mA to over an Ampere with the help of a built-in DIP switch. Read more [...]

ISO 7000 compliant Fully Illuminated Push Button Switches

The Vista-based company APEM, Inc., from California, has developed a new series of fully illuminated push button switches that meet the ISO 7000 standards in all respects. These are the FP30 series pushbuttons. These are being offered to users in both threaded bush mounting form and snap-in type. Even though the size is rather large, they are very light. For snap in types, the panel thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 2.5mm and the threaded type support 1mm to 9mm panels. The unique feature of the FP30 Read more [...]

ByteLight LEDS provide location based service

Not so very long ago, the friendly neighborhood supermarket had a security guard who would greet you in recognition and the store assistants could guide you since they knew what you usually bought. However, the introduction of huge shopping malls with their multiple floors has done away with anyone able to recognize even frequent customers, making the whole affair of shopping completely impersonal. However, things are about to change. GE Lighting and ByteLight are harnessing the next generation Read more [...]