Android vs. Linux – Which OS is better?

Is Android A Better OS Than Linux? Android has established itself as an important operating system for mobile devices. Google developed Android as an open source OS based on the Linux kernel. Google selected the Linux kernel because of its proven driver model, existing drivers, process and memory management, networking support and several other core operating system services. However, the Google team had to make several changes to make Android capable of operating mobile devices successfully. Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

If you are targeting the Astro Pi mission, it makes sense to get the Sense HAT as an add-on board for your tiny single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. With a fantastic RGB LED matrix, not only is the board beautiful to look at, but it also comes with a plethora of sensors on-board. That makes it useful for the applications in the International Space Station where it is headed to in December 2015. The Sense HAT looks like an ordinary board with an 8x8 RGB LED matrix on it. You can Read more [...]

Differential Pressure with a Tiny Sensor

Process control requires system operators to monitor and control the condition and movement of liquids and gases. Several instruments are available for this, allowing measurement and monitoring of variables, and these fall under the categories of pressure, temperature, level, and flow. Among the pressure-gage category, differential-pressure gages receive the widest recognition for being the largest specialty type – useful in filtration, flow, and level measurements. While standard pressure gages Read more [...]

Create a Baby Monitor with the Raspberry Pi

The arrival of a baby nearly always alters the entire timetable for all the members of the family, whether willingly or otherwise. For the parents, if they are first timers, the joy of seeing the tiny human is never-ending – they want to see the baby even if they are away from home. That is where a baby monitor comes in and what better to use for the project other than the versatile single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi. As a simple, cheap, and low power computer, the RBPi works as Read more [...]

Using OpenHAB with a Raspberry Pi

Nowadays it is common to have smart home products that you can remotely command to control, adjust, and to switch on and off. The single board computer, Raspberry Pi or RBPi is suitable for building a touchscreen command center to interface with such smart products and to provide a suitable interface for control and task scheduling. As an introduction, the project will consist of a Wi-Fi enabled RGB LED strip. It will interface with an RBPi running OpenHAB. This will allow wireless control to switch Read more [...]

What is Geomagnetic Indoor Positioning?

Thanks to Google and our smartphones, almost all users are aware of GPS or global positioning systems. With GPS, we can locate our position on a map displayed on our smartphones with an accuracy of about 200 m. This technology serves us well while traveling - when we have to reach a destination from our present location or when finding the best route between two locations. However, GPS is not a very suitable technology for either indoor use or when the smartphone is offline. For instance, it is Read more [...]

What is the IEC 61800-5-1 Safety Standard?

Almost all industrial applications require using electric motors in some form. You can see them being used in factory robotics, compressors, blowers, cooling and recirculating pumps, lifts, hoists, mixers, cranes, paper mills, printing presses, conveyor belts, fans and in many other applications. Worldwide, over a 300 million electric motors are in use, and their numbers are growing steadily every year. When dealing with adjustable-speed electric power-drive systems, it is necessary to isolate Read more [...]

Rolly: Rollup Your Keyboards

Anyone who has typed on a touchscreen with his or her thumbs can certify that it gets rather tiring after sometime – especially if you have to hold the smartphone also. At such times, one wishes they had a regular keyboard to allow the use of other fingers also to aid the thumbs. Although a number of keyboards are available, which are small enough to fit easily in the pocket along with the smartphone, LG's Rolly Keyboard is unique – you can roll and fold it. LG is coming to the market with Read more [...]

WD PiDrive for the Raspberry Pi

Most users of the RBPi (Raspberry Pi) prefer to use the single board computer for small and simple tasks suited for their low powered hardware. It is also possible for RBPi users to upgrade their hardware for augmenting functions that need more power. For example, users looking for additional memory space can use traditional SD Cards and USB drives. Now, Western Digital is upping the ante with their PiDrive, a one terabyte hard drive, compatible to the RBPi. PiDrive is somewhat different from Read more [...]

Volumio: Control Your Hi-Fi through a Raspberry Pi

Traditionally, amplifiers connect to loudspeakers through wires. The wires carry the electric currents that make the loudspeakers work to produce sound. So far, wires were also necessary to feed amplifiers from different sources such as CD players, TV sets and others. By placing amplifiers within the speaker enclosure, part of the ugly wiring was taken care, but the wires from the source persisted until wireless methods were discovered. Introduction of the Walkman and other portable players changed Read more [...]