Raspberry Pi Detects Trains in Stockholm Subway

Imagine waiting for a train in a subway. As the train arrives, a nearby poster of a woman has hair blowing all over her face, as if in response to the wind from the incoming train. As the train stops, the woman in the poster clears her hair from her face and resumes her smile, until the next train arrives. The Stopp Family, a Stockholm production company and Akestam Holst, an ad agency, have joined forces for modifying one of the play screens of Clear Channel in the Stockholm subway. The idea was Read more [...]

Pulse Ranging Technology Sensors Can Now Measure Distance

Radar measures the distance of an object by bouncing bursts of high frequency waves from the surface of the object and sensing the time it takes the echo to return. Pulse Ranging Technology or PRT sensors use a similar technique, but instead of using radio waves, they use bursts of light. The sensor emits bursts of light that travel to the object, bounce off its surface and return to the sensor. A processor in the sensor measures the time of flight of the light pulse and calculates the distance to Read more [...]

You can roll up your TV

Currently you can carry your TV in your hand as you travel. Of course, the screen size of your smartphone may not be as big as the TV in your living room. The day may not be far off when you could just roll up your large-screen TV, put it under your arm and walk out of your room. LG has demonstrated a completely flexible large-scale display of size 18 inches. The display is flexible to the extent of being rolled up into a 3 cm scroll for transport. You can unfurl the transparent display, hang Read more [...]

What is an H-Bridge?

Those who are into robotics know that robots, just as humans do, also need to suddenly change course when they run into an obstacle in their path. Changing course while walking may not be a big deal for humans, but for robots, and especially for those who design them, it is sometimes a serious challenge. For example, consider a robot that is moving towards an obstacle, which it has to avoid and proceed on a parallel path. A robot with two wheels will need to stop moving as it reaches the obstacle, Read more [...]

What is a 4-20 mA Current Loop?

The pre-electronic industry used pneumatic controls. Compressed air powered all ratio controllers, temperature sensors, PID controllers and actuators. The modulation standard was 3-15 pounds per square inch, with 3 psi standing for an active zero and 100% represented by 15 psi. If the pressure went below 3 psi, an alarm would sound. Electronic controls made their debut in the 1950s. A new signaling method with 4-20 mA current emulated and replaced the 3-15 psi pneumatic signal. As wires were Read more [...]

Automation Controller Uses Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Remote control has a new face. Based on the tiny credit card sized single board computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi, Techbase has designed a Linux-based ModBerry automation computer. They back it up with an iMod cloud platform. ModBerry is all about remote control. This version of RBPi was introduced lately and known as the Compute Module or Computer-on-Module. People in Poland have taken up the RBPi Compute Module wholeheartedly and turned it into ModBerry. Initially, the Polish startup Sher.ly started Read more [...]

Scalable Electronics – the automakers choice

Those who have watched the movie Total Recall may recall seeing automobiles driven by robots. Passengers need to mention only the destination and sit back and enjoy the ride. The robot drives them to their destination. Well, those days may not be far off in reality. Automobile development is proceeding with technological advances that allow vehicles to control themselves to the extent of driving with minimal or no human assistance. However, such developments cannot happen overnight. Then again, Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Radio

Raspberry Pi or the RBPi, the tiny credit card sized single board computer is so affordable that people can easily create single purpose appliances around it. For example, just by adding a small LCD that has a few buttons and a USB wireless network adapter, you can build a self-contained music streamer around the RBPi. This you can move around to any room of the house. The only extra items you need to connect to it are power and speakers or headphones. Use the Adafruit LCD kit that has a keyboard Read more [...]

More Italfarad, Ducati & Gentex Motor Start & Run Capacitors in stock!

You've been asking for them - now we have them. We've added more values to our motor start and motor run category including some from Italfarad, Ducati and Gentex. Check out our full selection here: motor start / motor run capacitors Need a different value? Ask us, we might be able to get them for you! Read more [...]