DC-DC converter with increased efficiency & reduced noise

The new Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC converter LTC3111 available from Linear Technology is very significant in many respects. The most important factor being that it is able to operate at 95% efficiency and that too at a very low noise level. It can give a power output of 1.5A when used from a very wide range of power sources. These include multiple or single cell batteries, wall adapter and super-capacitor stacks. This convertor accepts 2.5 to 15V as the input and outputs 5V with the regulated output Read more [...]

Cubli the Baron Munchausen of Robots

When you find a cube lying innocently on the table, you wouldn't exactly expect it to jump up and start balancing itself on its edge or on its corner, will you? Probably not, if it wasn't Cubli, the one designed at ETH Zurich. Well, it does not actually lift itself up by its own locks as Baron Munchausen was fond of doing, but Cubli the robo-cube can bring a smile on your face when you see its capers - watch its antics below. Cubli, the 15x15x15 cm cube, has several spinning wheels and motors Read more [...]

Haptics: A sense of touch through the computer screen

Touch-screens are quite common in mobiles, smartphones and tablet computers nowadays. They allow us to control and command the computer according to our requirement. A sense of touch is something different; it is sensing an object displayed on your computer screen. Imagine seeing a rose on your computer screen and by reaching out with your fingers, feel the softness of its petals. This amazing possibility is the result of a non-mechanical haptic interface that allows computer users to manipulate Read more [...]

Using the Texy’s Mini TFT Screen for Your Raspberry Pi

The single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) is a wonderful device, but it needs a screen for you to see what it is doing. The Mini TFT screen from Texy's is just made for the RBPi and the kit comes in a beautiful Perspex box too, which makes it very smart and practical. The Perspex box has a neat slot in the corner for the RBPi-Camera, although you may have to add blu-tack to prevent the camera from popping out. The screen and display are pre-built and ready to plug into the RBPi GPIO socket. The Read more [...]

Use your Raspberry Pi as a Hi-Fi Player

If you use your Raspberry Pi (RBPi) in combination with a USB DAC and RuneAudio, it will become a Hi-Fi music player providing surprising sound quality. RuneAudio is a free and open source software that you can use with the single board computer for running the custom-built Linux distribution. The RuneAudio and RBPi combination replaces the PC or the laptop that you normally use as a digital source for music. Like other open source projects, RuneAudio also came to be born due to personal needs. Read more [...]

Ultra-dimmable first retrofit premium 850 lumens LED lamps

Ledzworld, the Netherlands Company based in Amsterdam, has launched the world’s first ultra-dimmable retrofit LED lamp producing 850 Lumens from a single source. The product AR-111 LED lamp has been developed with several notable features incorporated with the user in mind. Ledzworld is a world-renowned company that has been a pioneer in harnessing LED technology and it is no surprise that they have come out with these LED lamps to be used in various places. This innovation is considered as an Read more [...]

Special heat sinks for heavily populated boards

Designers have to manage airflow carefully when solving the task of cooling heavily populated PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards. For effective cooling, the movement of airflow along the board is important. Two factors play a crucial role when selecting and qualifying heat sinks for dense PCB applications. The first factor is thermal resistance and the other pressure drop. Thermal resistance is the increase in temperature in degrees Celsius for every watt and it measures how effectively the heat sink Read more [...]

Possibilities of harvesting triboelectricity

Although we already harvest energy from many sources, new sources are always welcome. Ignoring the up-front costs, harvesting energy is often free, convenient and eases problems of several types of practical installation and replacement. Energy harvesting requires three fundamental stages: a reliable source of energy, the harvesting electronics or the converter and a load where the energy can be gainfully employed. Apart from finding a reliable source of energy, there is one other factor before Read more [...]

Newly launched APT Power Transducers measure three phase current & voltage

NK Technologies, the San Jose, CA based American company has introduced an APT power transducer that is able to measure three phase currents and voltages. As per the industry norms, it generates an analog signal in proportion to the watts used. The product utilizes current transformers to measure load amperage and transducers to measure the line voltage, which can read up to 600 VAC. The power transducer is a compact unit and can be used in very widely different applications in multiple places. NK Read more [...]

This 10 Watt blasting gun has intense illumination

The LED light application has now covered almost the entire gamut of all human activity. Larsen Electronics recently announced the launch of 10W LED blasting gun light designed to produce intense illumination up to 860 Lumens. The major highlight of this product is that it is IP-66 watertight, which gives it the capability to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty environmental applications. Larson Electronics has christened the product as BLG-LEDP1X10W blasting gun light and it is extremely durable Read more [...]