What is a diskless computing system?

Today's data centers and Hybrid Compute Clusters or HPC work with thousands of computers. With every computer having its own operating system, even a team of highly skilled administrators would find it hard to keep up with the demands required for maintaining each system. Typically, admins strain to keep the myriad types of computers they have, all functioning, as they should. Sysadmins must duplicate their efforts over and over, as they install new systems with new system software and handle configuration Read more [...]

What is the difference between Linux and Android

Those of you who use the Linux OS on their desktops know that it is vastly different from the Android OS typically used on the mobile phone or tablet. One of the glaring differences one notices in the two OSs is that Android is geared heavily towards the touch operation, whereas Linux is limited to operations with a keyboard and mouse. However, both operating systems have a common origin and share the same kernel. Linux can be best defined as an operating system suitable for running on a fixed Read more [...]

Talk To Your Raspberry Pi through an FTDI Breakout Board

You do not really need a monitor and a keyboard for logging into the tiny credit card sized single board computer, the famous Raspberry Pi or RBPi; there are several ways to do that. One of the very simple ways is to listen in on two of the serial communication monitoring pins on the GPIO header of the RBPi. Manufacturers of most computers have now given up on including serial ports on their products in favor of the more Universal Serial Bus or USB. However, connecting the serial pins on the RBPi Read more [...]

Use F-RAM to Replace SD Card in Raspberry Pi

For those who use their Raspberry Pi very frequently, there is always the risk of wearing out the SD card. This tiny, inexpensive, credit card sized, single board computer – the Raspberry Pi – or RBPi, boots and runs a Linux Operating System held on an SD card. Therefore, if your RBPi has to boot often, you run a database on the SBC or use virtual swap space that resides on your SD card, the life of the SD card reduces very fast. In fact, any time you use the SD card, for example, for data Read more [...]

Transfer Power Efficiently – Through Superconductors

At some point in our daily lives, almost all of us have heard of superconductors. These materials conduct electricity very well – with almost zero resistance. In comparison with normal wires carrying electricity, superconductors - because they offer no resistance - are almost loss-free. The caveat – superconductors need to be cooled to very low temperatures, making them almost impossible to operate at regular operating temperatures. However, the situation may be about to change. Argonne National Read more [...]

What are Class D Amplifiers

The class AB type of audio amplifiers has been around for a long time, and most high quality ones are still typically class AB. Two things plague this excellently performing device – a quiescent bias current to keep the output semiconductors in their active region of operation and an operating efficiency that refuses to rise above 75%. In reality, this type of audio amplifiers operates with a compromise between frequency response, power output, low distortion and efficiency. Although special efforts Read more [...]

Forget Keys Use Raspberry Pi Face Recognition

Now it is no longer necessary to use a key or a password to protect your treasures from prying eyes. Just teach your treasure box to recognize your face and it will open to no one except only when you are near it. The trick is to use the tiny, credit card sized, single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) and its camera. When you are near, the camera and the RBPi recognize your face and the box unlocks itself. The RBPi is the best-suited platform for this project, as it is very small and you Read more [...]

Large scale electricity storage with graphene

At the National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester, researchers are trying to reduce the size and weight of batteries. For this, they are experimenting with graphene, as this will also increase the lifespan of the batteries. However, before they can start building lighter batteries, they need to understand how graphene interacts with the other chemical components within the battery, especially the electrolytes. The new project has attracted considerable attention and many commercial Read more [...]

What are terrorist robots?

Increases in terrorist activities around the world are forcing the military to train their units in different ways for tackling the menace, especially for urban engagements. Marathon Robotics, an Australian company, in conjunction with the Australian Department of Defense, has revolutionized the way police and military personnel can train their personnel. They have adapted the two-wheeled gyro-stabilized Segway personal transporter and turned it into a Terrorist Robot. Marathon fits their Terrorist Read more [...]

Carberry for your car

Why do you need a Carberry for your car? Carberry forms a link between the car electronics and the tiny, inexpensive, versatile single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi). In sort, Carberry is a shield for the RBPi microcomputer and allows an enthusiast to develop end-user applications such as internet, carputing, burglar alarms, blackboxes, tracking, fleet management, data logging, vehicle diagnostics, media centers and much more. Carberry can sit directly atop your RBPi, as it has the same Read more [...]