Pico USB Scope for the Raspberry Pi

According to Pico Technology, the beta release of its drivers for the PicoScope oscilloscopes, useful for running on ARM-based single board computers, is available. That includes development systems such as the BeagleBone Black and the ever-popular Raspberry Pi, also known as the RBPi. For the RBPi, the drivers are a specialized armhf build under the control of its Raspbian OS. Pico Technology is offering this Beta release with some caveats. Although the developers claim to have taken care of Read more [...]

Light up for Wireless Charging

Wi-Charge, a wireless charging company from Israel, has demonstrated a light-based charger at the Mobile World Congress. Along with other few existing wireless charging methods, the Wi-Charge method of charging provides an alternative to support background charging across longer distances compared to those offered by existing rivals. Wi-Charge develops receivers and transmitters that utilize laser light for charging a wide range of devices. The transmitters are typically shaped to fit into wall or Read more [...]

Energy Monitoring with the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking for an all-in-one device for monitoring your home energy needs, a low-cost single board computer such as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi along with an add-on shield is all you need. The emonPi board is a low-cost shield that is bereft of any enclosure, HDD and LCD. However, when connected with an LCD for status display, hard-drive for local logging and backup and a web-connected RBPi, the emonPi makes a high-quality and robust unit. Enclose it in a suitable enclosure and you have a Read more [...]

How do Airplanes Offer Onboard Wi-Fi?

Not long ago, air travel meant you had to switch off your phone and other electronic devices carried. Even for long-distance air travel, people had to put up with in-flight magazines and movies for entertainment. Fortunately, changes have been made - with more to come. Today, people value connectivity more than ever. Passengers admiring aerial views prefer tweeting about their experiences and follow up with pictures – not content with merely complaining about the food to their neighbors. Airlines Read more [...]

How Does A Measurement Pillow Work?

In human life, sleep is the period when the body rejuvenates. Two body systems regulate the timing and amount of sleep – the sleep/wake homeostasis and the circadian biological clock. Depending on external circumstances and the health of the individual, people experience different levels of alertness and sleepiness throughout the day. After being awake for a long time, the sleep/wake homeostasis tells the body it is accumulating the need for sleep and that causes us to feel sleepy. It also regulates Read more [...]

What are Counterfeit SD Cards?

Many of us use SD or Secure Digital memory cards, but seldom do we check if the total capacity actually matches that specified on the card. According to the Counterfeit Report, several dishonest sellers on Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and other reputed sites offer deep discounts for high capacity cards. They use common serial numbers with cards and packaging nearly identical to the authentic products from all major SD card brands. According to tests conducted by the Counterfeit Report, although the cards Read more [...]

Rechargeable Batteries from Packing Materials

Sweden was in the news recently for their extreme recycling capacity. Swedes recycle waste to the extent that they have to import garbage from other countries for use as landfills. Others countries struggling to recycle their garbage may be interested in generating rechargeable batteries from discarded packing materials that do not degrade when used as landfills. At Purdue University, researchers have found a new way to recycle discarded peanut-shaped packing materials. They are turning these Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and the Intel Edison

The Intel Edison is an extremely small computing platform suitable for embedded electronics. Intel has packed the Edison with many technical goodies within its tiny package. That makes it a robust single board computer, powered by the Atom SoC dual-core CPU. It includes an integrated Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and a 70-pin connector. A huge number of shield-like blocks are available to stack on top of each other on this connector. Do not be misled by its small size, as the Edison packs a robust set of Read more [...]

Prototyping Plate Kit for the Raspberry Pi

For new owners of the versatile inexpensive Raspberry Pi or RBPi, there is always a period of perplexity as to how they can try out an embedded computer project with the SBC. Although a breadboard helps to some extent, connecting the circuit on a breadboard to the RBPi involves many loose wires, making the experiment very cumbersome. An add-on kit, the Pi Plate from Adafruit, makes it very easy to prototype circuits for the RBPi. The Pi Plate snaps on to the RBPi and the user can easily unplug Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and Energy Harvesting Wireless Devices

Do-It-Yourself home automation enthusiasts will welcome the idea of a wireless arrangement when setting up devices for automating their homes. It would be still better if these sensors and switches did not require an external power source to make them work. EnOcean Pi makes both these scenarios possible, with the tiny ubiquitous single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, acting as a home automation server. Therefore, with the EnOcean Pi, enthusiasts can set up home automation systems without Read more [...]