Adding Memory to the Raspberry Pi

Although the memory onboard the Single Board Computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi is sufficient for most applications, some may feel the necessity of expanding the storage capacity. The options provided on the RBPi are limited, as the USB ports often engage a keyboard, a mouse or a game controller and the SD card slot holds only a single device. The most obvious option for expanding the storage capacity on the RBPi is through the USB ports. However, tying up ports with a USB hard disk drive or flash Read more [...]

RS-485 – The Wired Communication Standard

TIA/EIA-485 is a popular wired communication standard published by the TIA/EIA or the Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronics Industries Association. This standard is also known as the RS-485 and uses differential signaling enables the standard to transmit data over long distances for factory automation and in noisy industrial environments. This is because differential signaling allows rejection of common mode noise, while the twisted pair cable ensures the most received interference Read more [...]

Solid State Drives – Why Are They So Fast?

For most people, an HDD or hard disk drive inside their computer is the flat broad box that stores their Operating System, files, documents, and other essentials. So far, not many users were aware of the inner workings of their HDD. Lately, with speeds of computers going up many folds, people have started looking at alternatives for the HDD – the SSD or the Solid State Drive. Whatever else you change in your computer system, the general experience remains the same. For example, you may get a Read more [...]

A New Operating System for the Raspberry Pi

The Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi runs on a version of the popular operating system Linux – the Raspbian. Although there are other versions of Linux equally capable of running on the RBPi, another operating system is in the making. Not ready yet, the Tizen 3.0, is being ported for the RBPi Model 2. While not attracting a lot of attention, Tizen is another Linux-based operating system into which huge resources are being pumped to make it more popular for the RBPi. The Linux Read more [...]

Detecting Plunger Movement in DC solenoids

DC solenoids are used in many applications that require movement of a part to be arrested in some way, to be released when an event occurs. An example of such an application would be the garage door. A solenoid keeps the garage door locked down until a signal reaches it to release the door – to allow a vehicle to go in or out – a simple operation as long as the door operates as intended. However, there may be times when the door does not, and one of the reasons could be the solenoid failing to Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Can Keep Your Plants Happy

Those who like indoor plants know how important it is to maintain a proper atmosphere for the plants to grow happily. Only a few parameters are important – air humidity, air temperature and soil moisture apart from adequate sunshine. However, it is rare for people to be able to monitor the health and well-being of their flora personally, given the busy schedules. That is where a single board computer such as the Raspberry Pi or RBPi can help. Being flexible in setting up and connecting to the Read more [...]

Replace Your Hall Devices with LVDT-On-PCB

The use of solid-state devices such as magnetic sensors is very popular when necessary to sense position, velocity or directional movement. As they are non-contact and offer wear-free operation, electronics designers prefer to select them for their design. For example, the robust design of sealed Hall Effect devices make them immune to vibration, dust and water, offering a low maintenance solution for the user. Automotive systems mainly use magnetic sensors for sensing speed, distance and position. Read more [...]

Protecting Pedestrians Using Ultrasound Techniques

With vehicular traffic increasing on the roads, pedestrians are shifting to the status of endangered species. Frequent news reports of pedestrians falling victims to collisions with motor vehicles bear testimony to the statement. Now, researchers want to provide a remedy. At the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences or FRA-UAS, researchers have developed a pedestrian detection sensor that can differentiate a human being from among inanimate matter. At FRA-UAS, Professors Andreas Pech and Peter Read more [...]

Long Lasting Solar Aqueous Flow Battery

Yiying Wu, Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the Ohio State University, Ohio State, and his team has combined a solar cell and a battery to form a single device. A novel solar panel on top of the battery captures energy from sunlight. The battery is able to source 20% of its energy from sunlight. Although the design is pending a patent, the researchers have published their findings in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Tests conducted by the researchers show that their solar Read more [...]

PIR Sensor: Let Raspberry Pi Guard your Home

With a versatile platform such as the Raspberry Pi or RBPi, prototyping a project is very simple. The scale does not matter for you can start with a single blinking LED and move on to complex quad copters. If you have the necessary components, simply add a little amount of imagination, and RBPi can work wonders for you. A practical use for the RBPi is to sense the surrounding environment. Not only is this interesting, but also gathering this data is useful in myriad ways. For example, a weather Read more [...]