What is an Integrated Development Environment?

Those who develop and streamline software use IDEs or Integrated Development Environments. IDEs are software applications providing a programming environment for developing and debugging software. The older way of developing software was to use unrelated individual tasks such as coding, editing, compiling and linking to produce a binary or an executable file. An IDE combines these separate tasks to provide one seamless development environment for the developer. Developers have a multitude of choices Read more [...]

Anoto – The Digital Pen & Paper Concept

John J. Loud holds the first 1888 patent for a ballpoint pen. He described this as a writing instrument capable of writing on rough surfaces such as wood, coarse wrapping paper and other surfaces that common fountain or quill pens could not. Unfortunately, Loud's ballpoint pen was unsuitable for smooth writing and his patent lapsed. In 1938, Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor, invented the actual ballpoint pen we are so familiar with today. Writing on ordinary paper does not allow interfacing Read more [...]

EEG Controlling Music through Raspberry Pi

Imagine controlling Pandora with your brainwaves. Whenever a song comes up that you do not enjoy, make it switch to the next one. All you need is an EEG sensor, a pianobar and a single board computer such as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi. Once you train the RBPi to differentiate the bad from good music, you are good to go. You need to train the Bayesian classifier to recognize good music from the bad. However, basic machine learning techniques do not always turn out very good. Therefore, with this Read more [...]

Monitor Your Solar System with a Raspberry Pi

Most photovoltaic systems contain parts such as the solar modules (panels) to provide the electrical power, a battery charger for converting the panel output to the battery voltage, a battery pack to store energy during the day and provide it during the night time, an inverter to transform the battery voltage to the proper line voltage for operating home appliances and an line source selector to switch between the solar and grid power. When the sun is shining during the daytime, the solar photovoltaic Read more [...]

Quadcopters Now Fly Below Water

It may sound bizarre, but it was bound to happen. Quadcopters, after they conquered flying in air, are now also equally capable of flying below water. Of course, submarine vehicles need a different build to keep the water from entering the system. Therefore, submarine quadcopters will always be sturdier and more expensive than their airborne counterparts will. You can witness the Deepflight Dragon – a beautiful quadcopter – on Lake Tahoe, California. Graham Hawkes, submarine designer, was Read more [...]

Guiding Basics in Efficient Lighting Design

Discovery of fire and subsequently lighting has contributed hugely to the modern advancements in human life all over the world. However, only a few are aware of proper applications of lighting or that effective lighting also needs planning and design. Most people incorrectly infer lighting design to mean simply selecting lighting equipment for a system. Of course, selecting the most energy-efficient and cost-effective products is important, but they are simply the tools to achieve the design. In Read more [...]

Latest Touch Display for the Raspberry Pi

Those who were on the lookout for a proper touch display for their single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi can now rest easy. The official RBPi touch display is on sale at several stores and others will be receiving stock very soon. Users of RBPi models such as Rev 2.1, B+, A+ and Pi 2 can now use the simple embeddable display, instead of having to hook it up to a TV or a monitor. Watch the You-Tube video demonstration for a better understanding. The new official touch display for the Read more [...]

The GoPiGo Robot Kit for the Raspberry Pi

Making a robot work with the tiny computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi has never been so easy. If you use the RBPi robot kit GoPiGo, all you will need is a small screwdriver with a Phillips head. The GoPiGo kit comes in a box that contains a battery box for eight or 6 AA batteries, two bags of hardware, two bags of acrylic parts, two motors, the GoPiGo board and a pair of wheels. For assembling all this into a working robot, follow these step-by-step instructions. You start with the biggest acrylic part Read more [...]

What are Flying Probe Test Systems?

When testing a component or an electronic gadget, it is usual to hold two probes to the test points. Probes are metal prods insulated except for the tips touching the test points on one end and connected by flying leads on the other to an instrument. The instrument could be a voltmeter, an ammeter, an ohmmeter or a combination called the multi-meter. Such an arrangement is good for testing individual components or a printed circuit board. However, in a manufacturing scenario, where boards are produced Read more [...]

What is Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering?

Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering is an advanced soldering technology. This is fast replacing other forms of soldering processes manufacturers presently use for assembling printed circuit boards in high volumes for all sorts of electronic products. Soldering electronic components to printed circuit boards is a complex physical and chemical process requiring high temperatures. With the introduction of lead-free soldering, the process is more stringent, required still higher temperatures and shorter times. Read more [...]