How to Measure Large DC Currents Accurately?

The market has several instruments for accurately measuring small DC currents, say up to 3A. You can also find some devices that can measure DC currents that extend beyond 50A with good accuracy. Large currents are common in photovoltaic renewable energy installations, grid energy storage, electric vehicles, to name a few. Usually, it is a common necessity for such systems to be able to predict accurately the state of charge or SOC of the associated energy storage batteries. Usually, systems for Read more [...]

Building a UPS with Raspberry Pi and Supercapacitors

It is always a dilemma when integrating a Raspberry Pi (RBPi) Single Board Computer into a project that works on the mains voltage and the RBPi has to turn it on or off. The difficulty is in deciding whether to power the RBPi separately or maybe power it from a UPS. Lutz Lisseck solved the problem in an ingenious way. He was looking for a way to shut down his RBPi gracefully, after it had turned off his ambient-lamp. Since the lamp operated directly from the mains and Lutz wanted to turn it on/off Read more [...]

Battle the Sun with a 21W LED and a Raspberry Pi

Lighting up an LED or an array of LEDs and controlling their brightness is a simple affair with the tiny credit card sized single board computer popularly known as the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. The RBPi runs a full version of Linux and you can use it to drive an array of bright LEDs with it. If you construct it like Jeremy Blum did - he put up the LEDs on his graduation mortar board and wore the RBPi on his wrist on his graduation day - you can be sure of getting a lot of excited remarks from friends Read more [...]

What Is the Life Cycle of a Process in Linux?

Processes in Linux follow patterns similar to that of humans. Just like people, processes are born and do carry out regular tasks; taking rest, sleeping in between and finally, being killed or dying. Processes, being the most fundamental aspects in Linux, are necessary to carry out tasks in the system. You create a process by running binary program executable. The binary program executable comes from a piece of code, transitions to a process, while acquiring states during its lifetime and demise. A Read more [...]

Simplifying Wireless Charging – In A Box

Among the many options available for wireless charging technologies, Humavox has added another, which they call the Eterna platform. They are using RF technology within a closed container and this is good for small devices such as smart watches, connected glasses and hearing aids. They are calling their closed container the Nest and it connects with Radio Frequency to the company's charger. When you want to charge your device, simply put it into the box called the Nest Power Station. The box is Read more [...]

Capacitive Proximity Sensing Optimizes Power Use in Gadgets

Tablets and mobile phones run on batteries and have stringent power requirements. These devices benefit from the multitude of ways designers use to optimize their power consumption and enhance their battery life. The usual method is to make applications running on these devices consume as little power as possible. Significant savings ensue if the different processes within these devices go to sleep when the device is not in use, turning on and starting to run only when the user activates them by Read more [...]

Bicycle Speed Projection Using a Raspberry Pi

A bicycle is the in-thing today considering the large amounts of pollution caused by vehicles using fossil fuels. Since one needs to use muscle power to ride a bicycle, cycling has health benefits as well. Many cities now have special lanes reserved exclusively for cyclists, and touring with cycles is one of the favorite sports people of all ages enjoy all over the world. Cycles have been around for quite some time, and people have invented many gadgets and attachments for improving the travails Read more [...]

Solar Powered FTP Server with a Raspberry Pi

Why would anyone want an FTP server and that too powered by the sun? Well, with an FTP server, you can access all your digital files from anywhere with an internet connection. The sun-powered bit has two advantages, the sun charges those standby batteries and the expense does not show up in your utility bills. For the project all the parts used are standard items. The Single Board Computer used is the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), a convenient case with all the right slots for the output ports and a small Read more [...]

HMI: How to Communicate With Machines

Accelerating quality, quantity, economic efficiencies and environmental protection are leading to an increasingly connected process flow and factory floor. In combination with decreased personnel, that has led to processing of increased amounts of information by fewer and less application-specific operators in the control center. It requires a well-designed HMI or Human Machine Interface system to decrease the gap between the production process and the operator via an intuitive visualization system, Read more [...]

Let Raspberry Pi Read You an Audio Book

People who have grandmothers (and grandfathers) are fortunate. Although most of these old people are healthy and strong despite their advancing years, not all are so lucky and may be impaired in some way, mostly because of their failing eyesight and trouble with arthritic hands. Since they have a physical handicap, they find it difficult to operate a laptop, a DVD player or a tiny MP3 player. A Raspberry Pi (RBPi) with a large play button is actually helpful if it can read back an audio book. This Read more [...]