Monthly Archives: July 2009

Schottky Diodes – What makes them so special?

Some of the most common questions we get are about Schottky diodes. The simple definition of a Schottky diode is a diode with a very fast switching action as well as a lower forward voltage drop. As the current flows through a diode, it experiences a slight voltage drop across the diode terminals. Normally, a diode has approximately 0.7-1.7V drops. A Schottky diode, however, will see a drop in voltage between 0.15-0.45V. The benefit of this lower drop? A much higher system efficiency. The Read more [...]

RGB Tricolor Flashing LEDS – Exciting New Product!

West Florida Components has just started to carry an exciting new product - RGB Tricolor Flashing LEDS! At first glance you might think "Why are they calling them both RGB AND Tricolor?" The reason is that each LED is actually 3 separate LEDS housed in one case. They operated in a sequence: first one color is lit at a time, then two light up, then all three. The cycle is completed when all three LEDS have been lit slowly, then begin to flash. Max voltage is around 3V. Here's a demonstration Read more [...]

A New Vacuum Tube Amp – Flash Quattro!

Steve from Canada has just sent us some pictures of his latest creation. This one is fantastic! Here's what Steve had to say about it.... Hello everyone, meet Flash-Quattro.  That means "four flashes".  I chose the name because the 807 tube is very art deco and it made me think of the 1930's series 'Flash Gordon',   and there are four of them hence the name,- simple! This is the latest version of the 'Book-shelf' amp series, like the Caterpillar and Firecracker amps, this Read more [...]