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Custom Console Stereo

For those of you wanting to hear just how good a custom built vacuum tube amp or console stereo will sound, here's a video from Steve at Custom Tube Art which shows the workmanship of his projects and the quality of the sound. Steve had this to say about his latest project: Here is a 1960's style custom console stereo I built displaying the vacuum tube amplifier right next to the Garrard type A turntable. The 807 tube amplifier has a conservative output of 30 watts per channel and uses 6SN7 and Read more [...]

The Titan – Newest (and biggest) Vacuum Tube Amp from Steve

Just in from our friend Steve W. in Canada (who constructs the most amazing vacuum tube amplifiers)... The best way to describe this next amplifier is it’s a Titan. It has to be the biggest, baddest, heaviest and most powerful amplifier I’ve made to date! Weighing in at just under 60 lbs. this push-pull-parallel EL-34 / 6L6 is conservatively rated at 110 watts per channel using EL-34 tubes. Capable of driving 4 or 8 ohm speakers via a switch on the back panel, this amp is Read more [...]

A Console Stereo: Steve’s Legacy Project

We continue to be amazed at the work that our friend and customer from Canada, Steve White, does. Luckily for us, Steve graciously shares his talents by allowing us to post pictures of his recent projects. Here's what Steve said about his console stereo: If I were to ever to have a legacy, this project would have to be it! Ever since I was 5 years old I've wanted a console stereo. 38 years later and I finally have one. I took 2 old Magnavox cabinets that were originally the same Read more [...]

A New Vacuum Tube Amp – Flash Quattro!

Steve from Canada has just sent us some pictures of his latest creation. This one is fantastic! Here's what Steve had to say about it.... Hello everyone, meet Flash-Quattro.  That means "four flashes".  I chose the name because the 807 tube is very art deco and it made me think of the 1930's series 'Flash Gordon',   and there are four of them hence the name,- simple! This is the latest version of the 'Book-shelf' amp series, like the Caterpillar and Firecracker amps, this Read more [...]

He’s at it again! New Vacuum Tube Amplifier from Steve

Wow! Congratulations to our customer, Steve White, on his recent interview with the The Peterborough Examiner where Steve talked about his made-from-scratch vacuum tube amplifiers. Steve sent some pictures of his latest project. He says it's the biggest and most powerful amp that he's made to date. Here a new one. This is the biggest and most powerful amp I've made yet! It's a Push-Pull-Parallel 6L6 putting out a conservative 80 watts per channel. I think I'll keep this one for a while.... It Read more [...]