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How Do You Count People Using Wi-Fi?

Other than providing wireless communication facilities, Wi-Fi can have other uses as well. Researchers at the UCSB are now experimenting with a common wireless signal to tell them the number of people present in a designated space. Astonishingly, these people need not be carrying any personal devices on them. At Professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab in the UC, Santa Barbara, researchers are demonstrating that wireless signals have more uses than simply providing access to the Internet. With a Wi-Fi Read more [...]

Pi-Top: Convert your Raspberry Pi into a Laptop

Although we call the Raspberry Pi or RBPi as a single board computer and it is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is hardly useful as a computer when you are on the move. This is mainly because the SBC comes without a keyboard, display, and mouse, intended to keep the costs down. However, if you are interested in turning your RBPi3 into a laptop, there is the Pi-Top. You get everything necessary to turn your $35 single board computer into a laptop. For instance, you get a 13.3” HD LCD screen Read more [...]

PINE64 : A 64-bit Contender for the Raspberry Pi

Earlier, a DIY computing project could cost an enthusiast hundreds of dollars. Now, with single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi or RBPi or its latest kin, the Raspberry Pi Zero, anyone can start a new project at the cost of a cup of coffee. Seen from the other side of the fence, a competitor has to include a better choice of components, offer a better price or both. PINE64 Inc. has taken the third route. PINE54 Inc. is attempting to improve on the legacy so far built up by the RBPi. According Read more [...]

Thin Clients with the Raspberry Pi

When deploying a large number of computers at a single location, it is a common practice to employ thin clients. In such cases, several client computers access a powerful central server computer that controls resources such as the hard disk data and Internet access. The logical operating system of the server is isolated from the clients accessing it via a concept known as desktop virtualization. Implementation of desktop virtualization or VDI follows several conceptual models. One can broadly Read more [...]

Computer Translated Sign Language

There are many people in the world who cannot hear because their hearing ability is impaired. This disability also precludes them from holding audible conversations with others. For a long time, telephone calls dominated the long-distance communication scenario. However, over the past couple of decades, other means of communication have also evolved, such as emails and text-based messaging. Although these supplement voice calls largely, the problem of face-to-face communication with the deaf still Read more [...]

Android vs. Linux – Which OS is better?

Is Android A Better OS Than Linux? Android has established itself as an important operating system for mobile devices. Google developed Android as an open source OS based on the Linux kernel. Google selected the Linux kernel because of its proven driver model, existing drivers, process and memory management, networking support and several other core operating system services. However, the Google team had to make several changes to make Android capable of operating mobile devices successfully. Read more [...]

Rolly: Rollup Your Keyboards

Anyone who has typed on a touchscreen with his or her thumbs can certify that it gets rather tiring after sometime – especially if you have to hold the smartphone also. At such times, one wishes they had a regular keyboard to allow the use of other fingers also to aid the thumbs. Although a number of keyboards are available, which are small enough to fit easily in the pocket along with the smartphone, LG's Rolly Keyboard is unique – you can roll and fold it. LG is coming to the market with Read more [...]

WD PiDrive for the Raspberry Pi

Most users of the RBPi (Raspberry Pi) prefer to use the single board computer for small and simple tasks suited for their low powered hardware. It is also possible for RBPi users to upgrade their hardware for augmenting functions that need more power. For example, users looking for additional memory space can use traditional SD Cards and USB drives. Now, Western Digital is upping the ante with their PiDrive, a one terabyte hard drive, compatible to the RBPi. PiDrive is somewhat different from Read more [...]

What is an Integrated Development Environment?

Those who develop and streamline software use IDEs or Integrated Development Environments. IDEs are software applications providing a programming environment for developing and debugging software. The older way of developing software was to use unrelated individual tasks such as coding, editing, compiling and linking to produce a binary or an executable file. An IDE combines these separate tasks to provide one seamless development environment for the developer. Developers have a multitude of choices Read more [...]

Latest Touch Display for the Raspberry Pi

Those who were on the lookout for a proper touch display for their single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi can now rest easy. The official RBPi touch display is on sale at several stores and others will be receiving stock very soon. Users of RBPi models such as Rev 2.1, B+, A+ and Pi 2 can now use the simple embeddable display, instead of having to hook it up to a TV or a monitor. Watch the You-Tube video demonstration for a better understanding. The new official touch display for the Read more [...]