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Raspberry Pi to Linux Desktop

You may have bought a new Single Board Computer (SBC), and by any chance, it is the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi (RBPi). You have probably had scores of projects lined up to try on the new RBPi, and you have enjoyed countless hours of fun and excitement on your SBC. After having exhausted all the listed projects, you are searching for newer projects to try on. Instead of allowing the RBPi to remain idle in a corner, why not turn it into a Linux desktop? At least, until another overwhelming project turns Read more [...]

Android vs. Linux – Which OS is better?

Is Android A Better OS Than Linux? Android has established itself as an important operating system for mobile devices. Google developed Android as an open source OS based on the Linux kernel. Google selected the Linux kernel because of its proven driver model, existing drivers, process and memory management, networking support and several other core operating system services. However, the Google team had to make several changes to make Android capable of operating mobile devices successfully. Read more [...]

Wireless Energy Management with Linux

Home and commercial builders often need appliances for automation and energy management. Check-It Solutions has a product just for this purpose. This is the CG-300 Controller, a Linux-based monitoring and control appliance for managing energy for home and commercial establishments. Running on a Marvell Armada 300 SoC, the 88F6282, at 1.2GHz, the CG-300 offers its users short-range wireless services such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Ethernet and optional LTE. Users can access the turnkey Energy Management Read more [...]

A Bike Computer that Deters Theft

Cars already have theft alarms that create a racket when someone tries to tinker with or steal them. So far, there have not been many bike alarms, but now Wi-MM offers one that can notify users if anyone tries to pinch their bicycle. The Bike+ BPU-100 from Wi-MM is a bicycle computer that runs embedded Linux. As bicycles are easy targets for thieves, people with top-of-the-line bikes think twice when riding in areas that have high theft rates. However, the Bike+ BPU-100 will notify users if their Read more [...]