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Resistors In Series

Electronic components used in electronic circuits to regulate and limit the flow of electric current in the circuit are known as Resistors. Resistors can be connected in two basic configurations – in series and in parallel. When connected in a series connection, the resistors are connected in a line. The current flows through the resistors one after the other. When the resistors are connected in such a configuration, they exhibit the following properties: The current flowing through Read more [...]

Understanding Resistor Values

Resistors are available in a wide range of values, but if you observe carefully you will realize that certain values of these electronic components like 15k ohm and 33k ohm are easily available where as some values like 20k ohm and 40k ohm are hard to find. Let’s try and understand the logical reason behind this. Take a hypothetical situation, where you make resistors every 10 ohm, thus giving you 10 ohm, 20 ohm, 30 ohm, etc. But once you reach the value of 1000 ohm, a difference of 10 Read more [...]