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What are Light-Emitting Capacitors good for?

HLEC, or Hyper-elastic Light-Emitting Capacitors are good for making electroluminescent skin for robotics, and you can do a lot with them. That is according to Dr. Rob Shepard of Cornell University and his team of graduate students, who have published a paper on the electroluminescent skin they have developed recently. The team was inspired to develop the electroluminescent skin by observing several cephalopods such as the Octopus. According to the team, their material can change its color, just Read more [...]

How Sensors help Seniors Live Independently

With the benefits of medical science and increased awareness, people are now living longer than their ancestors did. Along with longer living, they also desire to live as independently as possible in their senior years. However, certain risks are part of independent lifestyles. These include inadequate care resulting in deteriorating health and debilitating falls. Researchers are addressing these issues by developing smart homes. They are using sensors and other devices and technologies for enhancing Read more [...]

Farming With Drones & Robots

According to Heidi Johnson, crops and soil agent for Dane County, Wisconsin, “Farmers are the ultimate “innovative tinkerers”.” Farming, through the ages, has undergone vast changes. Although in developing worlds, you will still find stereotype farmers planting his seeds and praying for rain and good weather while waiting for his crops to grow, farm technology has progressed. Therefore, we now have twenty-four hour farming and driverless combines and autonomous tractors have moved out of Read more [...]

Build a Humanoid Robot from Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi or RBPi is the ubiquitous low-cost, credit card sized single board computer with huge potential starting from teaching youngsters computer programming to driving robots on Mars. However, when Tyler Spadgenske tried his hands on RBPi, he used the SBC to create Andy – a completely open-source humanoid robot. Tyler has tried to make Andy a connected robot. Andy can connect to humans through speech, using language as humans do – for answering questions. With access to the Internet, Read more [...]

The GoPiGo Robot Kit for the Raspberry Pi

Making a robot work with the tiny computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi has never been so easy. If you use the RBPi robot kit GoPiGo, all you will need is a small screwdriver with a Phillips head. The GoPiGo kit comes in a box that contains a battery box for eight or 6 AA batteries, two bags of hardware, two bags of acrylic parts, two motors, the GoPiGo board and a pair of wheels. For assembling all this into a working robot, follow these step-by-step instructions. You start with the biggest acrylic part Read more [...]

Solar Powered Drone Beams Internet

Certain regions of the Earth are presently out of the ambit of the Internet. Nearly 10% of the population or more than 4 billion people live so far from fiber optic cables or cell towers that they are unable to reach the Internet. Facebook is set to end this isolation by having a drone fly overhead while beaming Internet down to such areas. At their Connectivity Lab, which is a division of Facebook's, researchers confirm the completion of such a drone. This is the first step Facebook Read more [...]

Playing 4-Bot with the Raspberry Pi

Sometime or the other we have all played Connect-4 or Four-in-a-row against either a human or a computer opponent. It is a simple game where you and your opponent each try to get four same-color pieces in a row, while trying to prevent the other from doing so. The first one to line up four adjacent pieces of the same color wins the game. Conventionally, the game board has 42 squares made of six rows and seven columns. Players start with several discs of two colors each, and to be successful, each Read more [...]

CORATAM with the Raspberry Pi

The ubiquitous Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi, or the RBPi is a perfectly suitable candidate for CORATAM or Control of Aquatic Drones for Maritime Tasks. Sitting within each drone, an RBPi becomes a part of a swarm of robotic systems. Portugal is using this novel method for exploring and exploiting its maritime opportunities as the sea is one of the country’s main resources. Although land-based and air-based swarms of robots have been extensively used for studying the aquatic environment Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and a Simple Robot

Using a pair of DC motors and connecting them to two wheels can be the basics of a simple robot. Once you add a single board computer to this basis structure, you can do almost whatever your like with your robot. However, making a robot do more than simply run around requires many mechanical appendages that may prove difficult to get unless you have access to a workshop or you are proficient with 3D printing. To simplify things for beginners, the robot chassis from Adafruit is a versatile kit. Read more [...]

What Can the Raspberry Pi Do After Dark?

A lot more goes on in the museums of the world at night, after everyone has vacated the premises and the guards have locked up the place, than one can imagine. The situation may not be as dramatic as what Ben Stiller shows us in the movie, "Night at the Museum," but still, it does warrant a serious investigation. This is what Tate Britain has done with its After Dark project with help from the inaugural IK Prize. Tate Britain has one of the largest art collections in the world. In August 2014, Read more [...]