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Robotics and Motion Control

Across the industrial space, automation is a growing trend in factory floors throughout the world. This is essential to improve the efficiency and production rates. When creating the automated factory, engineers may introduce a robotic system or implement a motion control system. Although both can essentially accomplish the same task, they have their own unique setups, motion flexibility, programming options, and economic benefits. The Basics A straightforward concept, motion control initiates Read more [...]

Use the Raspberry Pi as a PLC for Automation

If you thought the popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) is suitable only for children learning to write programs in computer languages, you need to think afresh. Vytas Sinkevicius is using the RBPi as a PLC for applications in automation. Increasingly, others are also using the RBPi as a PLC replacement in automation applications. Basically, the RBPi replaces the actual PLC, and works as the main controller. The design specifications for the RBPi PLC are: 8 digital Inputs Read more [...]

Inertial Sensing for Automation

In any type of industry, whether it is automotive, unmanned aerial vehicles, energy, logistics, agriculture, or manufacturing, automation brings increasing promises of great gains in terms of efficient utilization of resources, achieving accuracy, and safety. To achieve these gains it is necessary to identify the appropriate sensing technologies that will enhance the contextual knowledge of the equipmentā€™s condition. As the location or position of an equipment is a valuable input, precision inertial Read more [...]

Automation Controller Uses Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Remote control has a new face. Based on the tiny credit card sized single board computer Raspberry Pi or RBPi, Techbase has designed a Linux-based ModBerry automation computer. They back it up with an iMod cloud platform. ModBerry is all about remote control. This version of RBPi was introduced lately and known as the Compute Module or Computer-on-Module. People in Poland have taken up the RBPi Compute Module wholeheartedly and turned it into ModBerry. Initially, the Polish startup Sher.ly started Read more [...]

Gardening with the Raspberry Pi

Many of you may be garden enthusiasts and would welcome the idea of automating some of the maintenance requirements of your plants. For example, keeping tabs on the quantity of water that is required by the plants based on the moisture in the soil, the available sunlight and the environmental temperature might be easy for an experienced gardener. However, gardeners who have just started gardening find it a difficult equation to balance. Even an experienced gardener may have to depend on a novice Read more [...]