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Protecting Against Ground Faults

Faults are instances of something happening when it should not. Electrical faults are when electric current flows where it should not be flowing. Electric current flowing from the live wire to the ground in place of the customary neutral wire constitutes a ground fault. There are two major problems that a ground fault may cause. One is excessive current may cause overheating and fire may break out. The other is a ground fault could be fatal for any person being a part of the ground circuit. That Read more [...]

AC vs DC – What is the Difference?

AC vs. DC

Electric current is the flow of electrons carrying electric charge. There are 2 types of electric current – direct (DC) and alternating (AC). In Direct Current the electron flow takes place only in one direction. A battery is a source of direct current. DC is widely used in many electronic circuits operating in low voltage levels.

In Alternating Current, both voltage and current alternate in direction back and forth following a sine wave pattern. The number of cycles per second, Read more [...]