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Wireless Charging for Drones

Drones face a significant operating challenge—their limited battery capacity places a constraint on their flight time. More flexible and efficient recharging solutions can address this issue. A 4-year old startup, WiBotic, now has funding to explore this avenue. WiBotic designs and manufactures solutions to charge robot and drone batteries. WiBotic offers power optimization and wireless charging solutions for mobile, aerial, marine, and industrial robots. Their Adaptive Matching technology Read more [...]

What is Special about the SkyX Drones?

SkyX is a drone maker from Markham, Ontario. This startup has some unique designs for industrial drones. For instance, the SkyOne drone of the company can take off and land without needing a runway. That is, its takeoff and landing is more like that of a helicopter, but in flight, the drone resembles an airplane more closely. In technical terms of the drone industry, the SkyOne has both Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) and fixed-wing elements, while flying more than 40 km on one charge.

SkyOne Read more [...]

Farming With Drones & Robots

According to Heidi Johnson, crops and soil agent for Dane County, Wisconsin, “Farmers are the ultimate “innovative tinkerers”.” Farming, through the ages, has undergone vast changes. Although in developing worlds, you will still find stereotype farmers planting his seeds and praying for rain and good weather while waiting for his crops to grow, farm technology has progressed. Therefore, we now have twenty-four hour farming and driverless combines and autonomous tractors have moved out of Read more [...]

Solar Powered Drone Beams Internet

Certain regions of the Earth are presently out of the ambit of the Internet. Nearly 10% of the population or more than 4 billion people live so far from fiber optic cables or cell towers that they are unable to reach the Internet. Facebook is set to end this isolation by having a drone fly overhead while beaming Internet down to such areas.

At their Connectivity Lab, which is a division of Facebook's Internet.org, researchers confirm the completion of such a drone. This is the first step Facebook Read more [...]

CORATAM with the Raspberry Pi

The ubiquitous Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi, or the RBPi is a perfectly suitable candidate for CORATAM or Control of Aquatic Drones for Maritime Tasks. Sitting within each drone, an RBPi becomes a part of a swarm of robotic systems. Portugal is using this novel method for exploring and exploiting its maritime opportunities as the sea is one of the country’s main resources. Although land-based and air-based swarms of robots have been extensively used for studying the aquatic environment Read more [...]

This Drone Avoids Obstacles When It Sees Them

If you thought drones could only fly and had to be manually guided around obstacles, the information you have is about five years old. Within the last few years, drones available to the average consumer have progressed by leaps and bounds. Most drones possess an onboard computer system that allows them to navigate autonomously. They can follow along with their owner or lead a path defined by GPS waypoints, capturing alluring aerial footages on the way.

Up until now, the drones that we came across Read more [...]