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Solar Powered Drone Beams Internet

Certain regions of the Earth are presently out of the ambit of the Internet. Nearly 10% of the population or more than 4 billion people live so far from fiber optic cables or cell towers that they are unable to reach the Internet. Facebook is set to end this isolation by having a drone fly overhead while beaming Internet down to such areas. At their Connectivity Lab, which is a division of Facebook's Internet.org, researchers confirm the completion of such a drone. This is the first step Facebook Read more [...]

What is a Broadband Internet Connection?

To access the internet from homes, offices or mobile devices, internet services are necessary. This is offered in mainly four different forms – Digital Subscriber Line or DSL, cable, fiber-optic and satellite. All the above are commonly known as broadband services since they provide high access speeds compared to the old dial-up connection, which is the only non-broadband service. Although this is the cheapest way of connecting to the Internet, most users prefer faster connections such as provided Read more [...]

How Does Wireless Broadband Work?

High-speed Internet access is a necessity nowadays, and people are not satisfied with the slow dial-up access. Different forms of broadband Internet services are available that provide high-speed access. Access speed is usually measured by bit rate, which is the number of bits processed per unit of time. You are using a broadband Internet service if your data speed is or above 256 kbps (kilobits per second). Typical speed figures for broadband downloads can range from 1.5Mbps to 159Gbps. Therefore, Read more [...]

What Is The Future Of The Internet?

Brazil and NET1 organized a major conference called NETmundial on April 23-24, 2014. Representatives of the tech community, civil society and governments convened to discuss the future of the Internet. Their focus was on how the Internet should be governed. The necessity for the event was multiple revelations, such as from Edward Snowden, about mass surveillance of digital communications by state agencies. As the President of Brazil stated at the 68th UN General Assembly, the absence of right Read more [...]

Get ready to talk to your gadgets

Google has many things always in the development stages so that they will remain at the forefront of action for internet users and smart phone users. Expectations are high that gadgets in the future will have voice-interface so that users can command different devices verbally. Talking to gadgets will be possible and Google is making sure that it is a part of such breathtaking developments. Smartphones will be the mode for talking to these gadgets and Google is gearing up to provide the necessary Read more [...]