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User-Centric Surround Sound on Headphones

All of us have two ears and together with the brain, these form a formidable aural processing system that we take for granted. In real life, these external appendages not only help in locating our position with respect to our surroundings, but also in pinpointing the sources of various sounds that surround us. For example, we instinctively move to the right to avoid a honking vehicle approaching us from behind on the left. When enjoying the stage performance of a group of musicians playing their Read more [...]

11 secret controls on your iPhone headphones

If you have any Apple brand device, chances are you have at least one pair of their headphones laying around. If you use them on a regular basis, here are some tips to get the most from your Apple headphones: During phone calls: 1 - Incoming calls: Tap the center button to answer a call 2 - Ignore a call: Long-press the center button to ignore the call - you should hear 2 'beeps' and you will know that the caller was successfully sent to voice mail 3 - Swapping calls: Tap the center button Read more [...]