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Use the Raspberry Pi for the Internet of Things

Barriers are coming down between operational technologies. Barriers such as were existing between industrial hardware and software for monitoring and controlling machines and the ERP systems and other information technology people typically use when operating and supporting their business. Manufacturers are having an exciting time as new opportunities are emerging every day for improving the productivity. Along with the rise in the challenges, there are innovations in creating new sources of customer Read more [...]

Driving Motors and Servos with the ZeroPi

If you are looking for a development board for the 3-D printer you are designing, ZeroPi may be the best fit. Suitable for use with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) single board computers, ZeroPi offers an integrated solution allowing makers to build projects easier and faster. This miniature board for the Arduino and RBPi is a next generation development kit ideal for maker projects that involve any type of robotic motion control including CNC milling and 3-D printers. According to technical Read more [...]

Does the NexDock Work With The Raspberry Pi 3?

Although smartphones are getting smarter all the time, some of their landmark features limit their use as a laptop, two of them standing out prominently. One is the lack of a full-fledged keyboard and the other, a reasonably sized display screen. Therefore, although the smartphone has nearly the same computing powers as your laptop, it fails to compete successfully with a laptop or netbook. To remedy the situation, you can take recourse to the lapdock. This is a mobile docking station with a built-in Read more [...]

Does the Raspberry Pi 3 Run Hotter than the Raspberry Pi 2?

Several people are now eagerly using and testing the new SBC or single board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi Model 3, or RBPi3. Although the overall response has been of enthusiastic welcome, there are some notes of concern as to the new board running rather warm under load. Michael Larabel has run some tests to compare and show just how warm the RBPi3 can get when compared to what the RBPi2 does. Finally, we suggest some remedies for cooling down the RBPi3. Michael Read more [...]